Spreadsheets, spoilers and helpful information

For all those that visit the website and would like to know anything about the events in Big Farm, projects and research in the co-op and book tasks, here is the information gathered together in one page. This page includes spoilers, so do not click if you do not want to know!

Let us know if you have any sheets or information we can add! You can send Larino a message via the forums; click this link to go directly to her private message page: Click here. You can also use our contact page.

Candy Farm sheets

Viking Farm sheets

Tropical Island Farm sheets

Event sheets

The sheet above includes:

Spoiler Sheet Here’s to Nature
Spoiler Sheet Fairy Tale Time
Spoiler Sheet Mysterious Asia
Spoiler Sheet Not of This World – UFO
Spoiler Sheet A Hint of Hawaii
Collectible drop rates

Cost and profit sheets for the farm

Task sheets

Co-op sheets

Other sheets

17 thoughts on “Spreadsheets, spoilers and helpful information

  1. Hi there,

    I really appreciate the things that you are doing for BigFarm Players.
    Here’s a little information for you to add into the spreadsheet.

    [Edit by Larino: we updated the spreadsheet with the information. Can you still see how many researchers are needed for the research? Also, you wrote cooperative project, please keep making that difference so your members will not get confused, this is a research ;) Thanks!]

    Cheers~ ;)

  2. Hi there, I don’t know if you still need info for your spreadsheets, but I have some details on the project “The chicken or the egg” On the 1st level 16,000 eggs are needed and 400 chicken feed started. 2nd level 32,500 eggs are needed.
    lthrrr @ Havinfun EN1

  3. I’ve tried to access some links for the Island & Viking farm, but they lead to pages that are closed or denied access. I’m BF Lv80+ but not a member of “The Larino co-op.” I this page only for your co-op?
    Kindest regards.

    • Hey Freelaxx, I have checked it out for you and I think you have been trying to access forum pages. The forum pages are for members of the English forum only. If you want to access them, you need to log into the Big Farm English forums with your account. If you do not have an account on the English forums, it may help to start an account on one of the English servers that you can just leave for what it is, but then you can access the English forums as well and read the threads over there. This site is definitely for everybody that plays Big Farm, but we work a lot with the English forums since the co-op is on the International WWW server.

      • Thanx for info! U could be right, I could log in on EngServ but had no permissions exept read (wich is ok), and I could see 1 of the pages but after refreshing the page I was not allowed to see the same page again even though I still was logged in… …weird…
        Anyway, big thanx for being a cliff of info to hold on to when the problem storms of this game is pushing my opinion of it towards “less interesting”… ;-)

  4. Thank you for this overview! I don’t know if anyone from the Larino Coop is editing the Spreadsheets, so I’ll just post the comment here :)

    The spoilersheet for all events is kinda outdated, as far as I can see. At least for the Here’s to Nature event. Steps 4 and 6 are exchanged and the numbers for, i.e. a level 30 – 35 farm are:

    Also, the spreadsheet seems to miss some levels:

    Thought I should mention that :)

    • There is a new tab next to the old one called Here’s To Nature V2. Please refer to all the new V2 tabs for your future event planning. All sheets are updated daily and comments can be placed into the sheet directly. Because you mentioned this, I will check if the correct link to the correct sheet is shown on this page to make sure you all see the correct version.

      Thanks for your kind words!

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