Current Achievements

Completed researches

(Last updated on 27-05-2015 – dd-mm-yyyy)

We completed the following researches:

Cooperative project (complete):

  • Optimize processes level 6 (the co-op needs 30% less collectibles)
  • Negotiation Skill level 5 (the co-op has 50% more time for projects)

Cooperative (4 researches left):

  • Subsidies level 6 (the co-op gets 60% extra dollars with every donation)
  • Recruitments level 26 (we can add a maximum of 57 members)

Main farm (complete):

  • Healthier pigs level 4 (all members get 80% more dollars for selling pigs)
  • Organic eggs level 2 (all members get 67% more dollars for selling eggs)
  • More kinds of milk level 5 (all members get 40% more dollars for selling milk)
  • New variety of apple level 6 (all members get 27% more dollars for selling apples)
  • Robust cherry varieties level 5 (all members get 25% more dollars for selling cherries)

Gourmet products (complete):

  • Certified level 2 (80% more dollars when selling almonds)
  • Well provided for level 5 (150% more dollars when selling donkeys)

Gourmet recipes (complete):

  • Whip up a storm level 4 (20% higher yield on fruit cakes)
  • Clean cut level 4 (20% higher yield on apple pie)
  • More muffins! level 4 (20% higher yield on almond muffins)
  • Full to bursting level 4 (20% higher yield on apple turnovers)
  • Dazzling glory level 1 (5% more dollars for selling fruit cakes)
  • High tech level 1 (5% more dollars for selling apple pies)
  • Mouth-watering level 1 (5% more dollars for selling almond muffins)
  • Well-layered level 1 (5% more dollars for selling apple turnovers)

Flower farm (1 research left):

  • More colorful wildflowers level 3 (15% more dollars for selling wild flower bouquets)
  • More beautiful arrangements level 3 (15% more dollars for selling summer bouquets)
  • Select contents level 3 (15% more dollars for selling pasta gift basket)
  • Romantic deco level 3 (15% more dollars for selling romantic bouquets)
  • Perfume training level 2 (15% more dollars for selling floral perfume)
  • Improved fragrances level 2 (15% more dollars for selling sweet scented oil)
  • Versatile cream level 3 (15% more dollars for selling honey cream)
  • Perfect soap ingredients level 2 (10% more dollars for selling boxes of soap)

Available projects

  • The complete movie experience! Level 5 (make 51,000 units of corn within 1 day and 12 hours)
  • Wild about apples! Level 5 (make 290,000 apples within 3 days)
  • Cheesed off! Level 5 (make 115,000 units of milk within 3 days and 18 hours)
  • Egg scramble! Level 5 (make 142,500 eggs within 4 days and 12 hours)
  • Straw-brained or cabbage head? Level 5 (make 155,000 cabbage and 19,500 wheat within 3 days)
  • Patty cake, patty cake! Level 5 (make 54,000 wheat, 47,000 milk and 18,500 cherries within 2 days and 6 hours)
  • Dandelion hero Level 5 (make 17,500 dandelions and 40,000 wildflowers within 1 day and 12 hours) 
  • Native wildlife Level 5 (make 1950 fertilizer and 250,000 wildflowers within 4 days and 12 hours)
  • The chicken or the egg? Level 5 (make 95,000 eggs and 3,200 chicken feed within 1 day and 3 hours)
  • Better than the competition Level 3 (make 1100 goat feed; 450 duck feed and 550 cow feed within 3 days)
  • Swimming upstream Level 5 (make 13,500 chicken feed within 3 days)
  • Marvelous muffins Level 3 (make 136,000 almonds; 80,000 almond muffins and 490,000 milk within 3 days and 18 hours)
  • Applesauce with humus Level 3 (make 600,000 apples and 430 humus within 2 days and 6 hours)

9 thoughts on “Current Achievements

  1. I have a question about the “Cheesed Off” Co-Op project. My co-op has yet to start it b/c “we don’t have enough cow sheds”. Whats the min amount of sheds that we need to start this?

    • The project needs 5200 milk on level 0. A level 1 cowshed produces 230. Running 23 cowsheds once is enough. You can run 8 cowsheds in the time the project takes. Thus, dividing 23 by 8, you need 3 cowsheds on level one, that run strictly every 7 hours. Like that you have 4 hours to spare. To be safe I would say a minimum of 5 cowsheds on level 1 to cruise through the level 0 project. Do take into account that the project will level up pretty soon. You can apply the same calculation yourself from level 1 onwards.

  2. What does it mean by successes until next ability points in the projects, and when you finish a project does the ability level go up

    would it not be better to finish all of the projects get them to level 5 then start over

    • Successes until next ability is how often you need to complete a project in order to have it level up and make it more difficult. If it says 1/3, then you need to complete it 2 more times for it to level up. Levelling all projects to level 5 will take ages. Our co-op is now more than a year old and we still did not complete all projects on level 5. Why? Because it is impossible to gather enough collectibles to do so fast or you would need to pay a fortune in gold. We have a long road to go.

    • There is a spreadsheet for that, Nadia. You are just checking out our personal achievements! Go to the spreadsheets page and scroll down to the cooperative section of it. There you can find the spreadsheets with full information (including CP for each project)!

  3. When doing projects, does the extra 40% negotiation time start after allotted time runs out, or is it figured into the allotted time?

    • It is figured into it. When you start a project and you look at the details screen in the co-op menu you will see a dividing line in the countdown bar. That line is where you pass from the base time into the extra time.

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