The market

Finally the dust has settled a little and the market seems to be a mediocre addition. There are definitely positive sides, but also a few negative. I took some time to familiarize myself with how it works and to figure out the traps in it. And here we are, with a new article on the newly added market. How does it work?

Market screenshot

The market consists of three elements. A stall with contracts, some neighbours visiting for some quick shopping and a vendor. I will explain them all below.


If you click the market, a tab in your farm management will open with several contracts. There are two at first, but as you progress and complete more contracts your market will visibly grow and more contracts are added. If you click a contract, it will ask for one or more products from the farms you have unlocked. If you do not want to provide these products or you do not have them in stock, you can decline the contract. After declining, the contract will go on a cooldown for half an hour. This cooldown can be skipped for gold, obviously, but I do not consider that worth it.

If you do want to deliver, click on ‘add products’ and move the slider(s) up. If you have enough products in stock and move the slider(s) up completely you will add all the products the contract asks for and it completes. With a final click on the truck button you send the products away and get your money. If you want to add products in parts (or perhaps you have to, since the contract asks for more than your storage can hold or more than you have in stock) you can move the sliders partly up or first donate the max in your storage and later donate the rest.

There are two types of contracts. Limited and regular. Limited contracts usually give you an hour to fill them. Therefore it is best to not start filling before you are certain you have all products it asks for ready at once. Regular contracts do not have a timer and therefore wait for you to fill them for however long you want.

Contracts tend to give between 3-6% more dollars than selling the products directly from your farm management at first. The further you progress on your market, the larger the bonus becomes. There have been reports of 20% extra dollars already and even extra horseshoes, karma points or XP on top of it. Do make sure that you still hold enough products in stock to keep running your farm (bakery, flower shop, fill the ship, etc), which should always be priority!

A limited contract will clearly show a timer, like this:

Market limited contract

When a contract is on cooldown it will show you this:

Market contract cooldown

To supply products, follow these steps:

Market add products

The vendorMarket vendornwhm4l

The vendor comes by once in a while carrying a bubble with dollars above his head. Be wary
of that, it may be tempting to click it because you think you receive these dollars. That is not true, you need to provide the dollars and you will get a gift in return. The vendor usually shows a dollar amount and a question mark if you hover the bubble. This question mark indicates the gift you will get for your dollars is secret. There are also offers with non-secret gifts. Usually the gifts are not considered of enough value for the amount of dollars you deliver, and it depletes your dollar stack drastically if you keep on trying your luck. Gifts may include a bag of 10 feed (any type), some raw materials (like wheat or corn or barley), a bag of humus or fertilizer.

Once in a while some neighbours will come to visit. 

Market neighbour 2These are unknown big farm characters (or just random people) with a bubble above their heads that pictures the product they want. If you want to deliver, you can simply click the bubble and the delivery completes, giving you your money. If you deliver fast enough they will give a bonus on top of the base price they are willing to pay and walk off with a very happy face above their heads. The base price is always a bit higher than the farm management price. Be careful with this, though, since you may run out of stock for running your farms (bakery, flower shop, fill the ship, etc) and running the farms should always be priority!

The market is of course very new and still has to be balanced out. Especially the vendor is not to everyone’s liking. The market also does not work the way it should yet and the mess it brought with it has made a lot of people weary about using it (including me). Whenever I have new information, I will edit it into this post.

Hoping to have helped,

The Larino cooperative


15 thoughts on “The market

  1. Contracts are expiring , with product already given but not finished. How do we know how long it takes to fill. I see no timers.

    • I think that should not happen. You do not provide any details, though, as to how long you had been working on the contract already, whether you found it gone on log in or it went on cooldown during gameplay for example, what type of contract it was etc. I have not seen a situation like that occur before, even though I take a few days to fill regular contracts. Do take into account that there are limited contracts that need you to fill within an hour. There are timers on those. Regular contracts do not have a timer. If it was a regular contract I think it may be a bug. I would suggest you hit the forums and look for any other reports on this matter.

  2. Can someone explain what karma points actually do, so i can judge whether the contracts that only reward karma points are worth fulfilling

  3. why is the vendor charging $45,000 every hour it seems, sometimes it is two times a day or more. he comes back to back sometimes to get money…. do we have to pay him???

    • He is not charging that, he is trying to sell crap to you for those 45k. It is not worth making use of his offer. Ignore him (as suggested in the article above).

    • Yes, from the vendor, but he is dramatically expensive and you do not always know what you will get (since he has a fair amount of mystery offers), so I would definitely NOT recommend buying from him.
      Normally buying crops or animals can only be done through your farm management, as usual (on the second and third tab).

  4. How do you actually decline a purchase from the vendor or a sale to a neighbour? Do you just ignore them or is there a way to get rid of them?

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