How to become a Researcher

Every once in a while the Cooperative wants to start a research. This can have various reasons but the main goal is always to improve ourselves. To do this we need researchers.
How to sign up as one will be explained in this post.

First you need to go to the cooperative screen and select the Research tab (the Orange Flask), as shown here:

Researcher 1

As you can see there is a drop down menu, here is a close up of it being open:

Research drop down menu


In the co-op basics (Click) there is some more detail about what each category stands for, but for now we will pick Main farm for our example.

After clicking on Main farm you will see this screen, scroll down the page to get to the next research.

Researcher 3

After scrolling you should see researches we haven’t done yet.
At the moment of writing this, this is what that looks like:

Researcher 4

Click on the one for Pigs (or any other we are asking you to participate in) and it opens a details-screen to the right of it. In this screen there is all the information about the research, like a progress bar of how many researchers are in and how many it takes, shown by the 0/14 indication. But the thing we are focusing on now is the most important of all,
the “Researcher details” button:

Researcher 5

Clicking this will bring you to the window you can sign up in.
Here it gives you 2 options, participate for FarmDollars (Red arrow) or participate for Gold (Blue arrow).

Researcher 6
Participating for FarmDollars (Red arrow) is the one you will need to click. If you cannot click it because it is grey, you don’t have enough FD at that moment. It will say something about using gold or being level 30 if you click it anyway, but disregard that, since there is no level requirement to participate in any research, as long as it’s with FarmDollars.

Participating with Gold (Blue arrow) is always an option, if you want it to be. Just remember, it is never mandatory. If you really want to you are free to do so, but only once! In this co-op we want to give everyone the chance to participate.

Note that sometimes you need to go to the next page for an open slot (Black arrow), since it only fits 10 on one page and we already need 14 for this one and this will only grow in the future.

The end result should look like this:

Researcher 7

Additional tips:

  • Once you hire a researcher with Gold you can not take it back! So make absolutely sure you want to invest before you click.
  • The costs of participating are bound by level; the higher level you are, the more it costs. Keep this in mind when you need to participate while being close to leveling. Sometimes it pays off to go for that research spot before doing anything else.
  • Keep in mind that our rules state that you have 48 hours to respond after we ask you to sign up.

We hope this was helpful. If you still have questions, please always feel free to ask us in either the chat or in a private message.

The Larino cooperative


7 thoughts on “How to become a Researcher

    • It depends on the research. You can check this by clicking on the research you would like to do. It will state how many researchers you need. You can also click on the detail button next to the progress bar of that research and count the slots. Every slot has to be filled up with one person (or you can hire more by paying gold). Do note that you will also need a start up amount that is paid to the cooperative accounts.

  1. One thing it does not say is what exactly u got to get to do the research. In the projects it is clear, for example so many apples to get a new variety which gives u more apples. The research ones aren’t. So what do each of the members have to do in the time of doing the research to compete it.

    • Nothing :) Once you got them all to sign up and paid the starting fee to start the research, you simply wait for it to complete. That is why it is not mentioned what you need to do ;) And in the projects: “so many apples to get a new variety that gives more apples”? I think you are confusing things now. The research will give a new apple variety – that allows you to sell your apples for a higher price. In a project you simply need to produce so many apples to complete it and get the SP to level up the co-op :)

    • There is no timer. You can have a half filled research for years and nothing will happen to it until you fill it and are able to start research.

  2. I find your site so helpful, even if it was written a long time ago. Any answers that I;m looking for, I can find on your site or the Forum. I just want to say Thank You.

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