How to join a co-op

When you have just started the game loads of new things are coming at you. One of these things is a quest to join a co-op. But how to do that exactly? First of all, don’t stress. You are probably level 6 when you get the quest and the award can be tempting to get quickly. We’ve all started like this. But before you start applying to high level cooperatives keep in mind that they can’t use a level 6, 10, or maybe even a level 20 farm. It costs millions of Farm Dollars to start research sometimes so my first advise to you is:

Make sure the co-op you are applying for is level appropriate!

What I mean by this is applying to a co-op where everyone is 30 levels higher than you won’t work.

When applying through the forum or the website, please note: you can only join a co-op on the same server as you! Larino is on WWW. Other servers are not covered by us, so do not apply if you are not on the International server. I am sorry. Don’t know which server you are on? Check the FAQ page!

To continue, the quest should look like this:


Once you have built on your farm some more, found your way in the game and know what to expect from a co-op you can start looking for one. You do this by clicking on the three people button in your farm menu. Once you’ve clicked that, you click the hand-shake button and you get two options. One option is to find a co-op, the other is to found one. If you do not want to spend the 375 gold needed to found your own co-op or if you’d rather join one to be able to ask for advice to your co-op members, the find option is the one you need.

The buttons you need to click: Button > Button 2

On this page you can pick whether you want to found or find a cooperative:

What to choose

And this is what you see when you click respectively the ‘Found’ button and the ‘Find a cooperative’ button:

Found cooperativeFind cooperative

















Once you’ve clicked ‘Find a cooperative’ a search page opens. There you can see some co-ops that are ‘near’ you or type the name of a co-op you have seen before and would like to apply to. When you have clicked the co-op of your choice you will come to the co-op screen. This screen shows the details of the co-op and the members in this co-op and, important for you as an applying member, an apply button.

The co-op screen will look like this and contain, as you can see in the bottom-left, an apply button. To the right you see a list with members. The first member, the red person, is the leader of the cooperative. If a member also has a key (usually the leader, but not necessarily) then they are the founder of that co-op. The yellow persons are deputies. They don’t have as many rights as the leader, but they are also able to read applications and start projects or researches. These are the people you should turn your application towards.


Once you have clicked that apply button you will get to see this screen:


The ‘I would like to become a member of your cooperative’ is a standard message. The best is to change this message for a personal one. Tell the co-op how active you are or why they should pick you out of many other applicants. This message should be really short though! (about 3 lines). If you are clever, you put in this message that you have sent an in-game message and then you turn to the leader or one of the deputies of the co-op and send them a personal in-game message, so you can write more.

After you clicked ‘apply’ the application has been successfully sent. Don’t get too upset when you get no reaction, certainly when you are a low level or have a standard message, co-ops are likely to reject your application. Just try again and feel free to send a message to the leader or deputies to ask why you got no reply. They will probably tell you what you can do better next time or maybe all places had already been given away to other people.

Good luck applying to a co-op and I hope you will have a fun time in any co-op you will join!

Happy farming~



13 thoughts on “How to join a co-op

    • A training co-op is able to cover all levels, a real co-op is not. If you have a co-op with 10x level 60, 5x level 50 and 3x level 45, you cannot add a level 10. Level 10 is not able to come up with all the millions needed for research and can do nothing in a project. Therefore it is better for that level 10 to grow to a level 45 before joining. If a level 10 wants to join a co-op anyway, I would recommend them to join a co-op with many level 20 players or to join a training co-op if there is one on their server. Happy farming~

  1. How do I find a training co-op? I’m level 66 but the rules have changed and now require to be in a co-op to not be excluded from the village.

    • If you are on UK, US or NL, you simply search for a co-op and type in ‘Training Larino’. If you are on any other server, I am sorry, there is no training co-op available :( The training co-op is only for 5 days though, so if you want to be in the village permanently, I would recommend you to find a different co-op where you can stay :) If you can join a training co-op and would like me to find a good co-op for you, that is also possible.

  2. I sent you an application in-game Circle P Farm I really would like to join to learn how the co-op works on this game. I am better at hands on learning myself. Thank you for your attention to this I hope to hear from you soon. AP

    • Your cooperative menu changes. That means, first when you clicked on the shaking hands symbol, you got the choice to find or found a cooperative. When you click on it now, you will have a brand new menu opening. Also, the chat bar gets added to your farm menu. And you will get – if it hasn’t changed with the last update – an empty auto-generated message from the cooperative.

  3. pls. let me know how to get info for reply to my requests to co op membership ???//I am still not sure if anyone is aware of my messages asking to join.

    • Most low level and low ranked co-ops do not check their applications regularly. It is very well possible that your messages are being ignored or not even seen because the co-op you applied for or the person you messaged are inactive. If a co-op assesses your application, you will always get a notice, whether you are accepted or rejected. When you are rejected you will get a message in your inbox and when you are accepted you will see a new element added to your game. If you are sending personal messages, that person will either answer you or ignore you. I think it is safe to say that you should move on and try elsewhere if they haven’t answered in 48 hours.

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