How to complete the island farm without using gold.

This event is recommended for players well in the levels. If you are under, say, level 80, I would not try to finish the entire event because it costs way too much and you do not get any money back out of it. The island farm is estimated to cost somewhere between 70 to 100 million dollars. Do also note that this farm takes a lot of time! You need to work very hard and be online a lot to be able to completely finish it.

This guide has been written based on the Tropical island. For the Viking island you can replace the island terms with Viking terms. Peacocks are penguins, lemurs are seals, etc.

The guide is no strict way to play the island farm, it just gives suggestions and tips to help you reach your goals.

To get all the hidden decorations and to fully play the island farm, your farm should look something like these. The first lay-out is for players that can spend 90-100 million dollars, the second lay-out is for players that can spend 110-120 million dollars. These amounts are estimated. It may cost you a bit more or less, depending on how you place the buildings:


layout 100M island

layout 120M island

General tips to complete all 3 chapters:

  • First things first, upgrade the bank to an as high level as possible (at least level 5 or 6) if you are planning to play the entire event. You really really need that bank!
  • Go for about 3 fields level 3. Many more fields takes in too much space and too many workers and you can manage to keep up with all the feed with those 3 permanent fields. Cannot manage after all? Go for a temporary field that you can tear down when you need the workers and space.
  • You need your mill and silo on at least level 3. The sooner you upgrade them, the more raw materials you save and the more feed and fertilizer you can make for latter steps. A composter on level 3 may be handy but not necessary, invest if you can afford it, it could save you some time producing on the fields.
  • Upgrading the fence and gate to max level really helps for your happiness. Do plan this out well, they definitely take some time upgrading!
  • Only level 3 orchards are worth your time and money. Lower levels are a waste – they do not produce enough to keep you going. Higher levels are not necessary. Make sure you keep fertilizing your mangoes and coconuts as often as you can, even though you do not need so many for the steps that are around the corner, the last step on chapter 3 needs a ridiculous amount of them to make 5 tropic star drinks.
  • Upgrading the farmhouse to level 3 is well worth it. It will give you some more workers and saves time when upgrading other buildings.
  • Upgrade your beach bar to level 2. Level 3 is okay, just do not do that too quickly. You really need the workers for your other buildings and you will not have much space left to build more houses. If you are going to upgrade to level 3, the recommended time to do that is right after step 1 of chapter 3.
  • All your animal stables can stay on level 1. Upgrading them is not necessary. Build some more and demolish some others if necessary for certain tasks.
  • You will need about 10 houses, all max level, to be able to provide for enough workers for all the buildings you need. Be careful when upgrading these houses, the happiness will drop fast. Also build enough decorations (preferably big palm trees) and do this step by step.
  • You do not need to do all side tasks! Do the ones that provide you with a reward that is worth it. Rewards that are worth it are humus and fertilizer and any other reward you think you could use. Most side tasks ask you to upgrade buildings to a level you do not really need and will only make you waste money.
  • Don’t sell or produce goods until you get a task that tells you to do so. If you do it up front, you will not have enough products or raw materials to finish the task quickly.
  • Collecting the worker’s bags can help you get just that bit more. They drop dollars, shells and all kinds of products (oranges, grapes and peanuts). Got some time to spend on the farm, but waiting for the next building to finish? Catch those bubbles! It keeps you busy and it is quite useful.

Now some more specific tips and tricks for chapter 3, per task:

  1. Have 8 peacock coops ready for harvest before you enter the first task of chapter 3. It will help you get through this task faster.
  2. You can now demolish 2 or 3 peacock coops and make sure you have at least 2 coconut orchards (preferably level 3 and ready for harvest).
  3. Once you have harvested enough coconuts for all tropic star drinks you need to make (2 in this task and 5 in the last task) demolish your coconuts and replace them by banana orchards (preferably 2 of level 3).
  4. Build two extra lemur pens (you will have 3 total) and keep feeding your peacocks (5-6 pens) to fertilize your banana orchards.
  5. You can demolish one of the banana orchards when you have nearly enough bananas for all 5 drinks you need to make and replace it by a mango orchard. This will speed up the process in case you are short on time.

Hoping to have helped you with this,

The Larino co-op.


8 thoughts on “How to complete the island farm without using gold.

    • I think you should divide the time in 3 parts and each part is the time you can afford for 1 chapter. So about 10 days then. But your success rate will really depend on how much you can afford to spend in both money and time. The more you can spend, the faster you can finish it.

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    • It will take many many dollars. Millions, hundreds of millions even, sometimes. And not to forget, if you really want to get the most out of it, it will either cost a lot of gold or a lot of time (I used to set my alarm several times a night to be able to get all the decorations). What you get out of it is island currency that you can spend on seeds for the greenhouse and cool decorations. Perhaps the island farms have evolved though and you get even more or different things out of it, my information is about 2 years old. I am sure the forums can help you out with that now.

    • The workers need to be NOT working in order to demolish the house. When they are working they have the right of living as well, of course. If you want to demolish a house, you need to demolish enough production facilities to free the amount of workers the house accommodates for.

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