Of course the cooperative is sometimes open to applications. We are then actively searching for good members and will be happy to add those to our team. If you get the chance to apply in-game this indicates we have spaces open. On applying in-game you should take a couple of things into account.

  • In our inbox we get on average 20 applications a day. Usually we have only one or two places available. This means you will need to stand out. Standing out is not done by typing random stuff and hoping nobody else did that. I can give you a hint: everybody does it. If you really want to stand out, send a nice letter. Tell us how active you are and more important, show that you speak English. We will not accept players that don’t speak English. Also tell something about yourself. In conclusion: tell us why we should accept you out of the many others!
  • Most members in our cooperative are level 35 or higher. That is why players from these levels get priority. As we get a lot of lower level applications I would like to stress the issue that you need to stand out. The lower level you are, the more important it is to have a good application letter and to show us you are not planning to stay on that level. We will check activity in the rankings. That information, together with your awesome application letter make you have a good chance of being considered for our cooperative!
  • During cooperative championships we are stricter in letting in lower levels and we may ask you to wait until after the co-op championships are over before you can join.
  • Our cooperative has an active message system. Please keep in mind, if you will be accepted we will ask reasonable efforts from you. We will send messages and require you to answer them or do as we ask. If you already know you will not do so, you’d better apply elsewhere. It is not required to chat with us, but the chat is somewhat active. Therefore I will give new members a hint: search for the chat. It is an easy way to ask questions and get a lot of information from our experienced members. It is also a good way to find out how a cooperative works and what we require.
  • We do not accept any players that are under 18 years old. The co-op exists of an adult group and we need people that fit in that formula.

In short: if you, below level 35, apply to our cooperative: make sure you stand out! Any applications that only contain ‘code language’ (random letters and numbers) or simply ‘hi’ or ‘I would like to become a member of your cooperative’ are not considered valuable enough and will be declined.

For all levels: applying (with a good letter) does not mean you will immediately be accepted. We will send a short list of questions to get some more information about you and sometimes to compare you to other valuable applications we got. We might have to put you onto the waiting list because we have too many good applications. As mentioned before, the places we have are very limited.


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