How does a cooperative work in Bigfarm

Welcome to our extensive guide to a cooperative in Bigfarm.
In our sub-menus you can find a treasure of information about everything you need to know about how a co-op works and what it can offer for your farm. Cannot reach the sub-menus? Try zooming your screen in or out and the position of the pop-out should change!

How to join a co-op

Picture guided tutorial on how to join a cooperative in Big Farm.

Co-op Basics

This is a very elaborate post which explains every tab the cooperative screen holds.

How to become a researcher

Picture guided tutorial to participating in a research.

How to donate to the co-op accounts

The co-op needs your money, so this guide tells you how to give it away.

What are collectibles, and what do we use them for

Here we explain what those Tractors and Registers are for and how to donate them.


4 thoughts on “How does a cooperative work in Bigfarm

  1. It is truly a nice and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi I was wondering if i switched from one co-op to another will i lose my reputation points that i have collected? Also the rep points i have collected will that not count for the next co-op in the cooperative challenge?

    • You lose nothing in the game, since the game is saved on external servers. That means you can log in anywhere, on any computer with internet at any time and everything will still be there the way you left it when you last logged out.
      The Reputation Points only count for a Cooperative Challenge while in a co-op. If you are currently not in a co-op, they will not count for any Cooperative Challenge. If you are in a co-op, they will count for the Cooperative Challenge of that particular co-op, but not for any co-op you may switch to. Only the reputation points you earned while you were in your new co-op will count for their Cooperative Challenge. There is no way to save up reputation points for a Challenge.

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