Update on my activity

N.B.: This website is  not being updated. If you have some important changes to a post, write a comment. I will get an e-mail about that once in a while and can approve those comments in one click. Be sure to read the comments under each post to read about the latest updates!

Dear readers,

These past months my interest has shifted to other activities outside this game. Therefore I haven’t updated anything on the website, only logged in on the forums once in a blue moon and rarely logged onto my farm. I actually kind of like the extra time I have to do my other activities and therefore I think I can say that this will continue for quite a while longer.

I do not want to completely break all bonds to the game and say goodbye, so I will be around once in a while still. However, I will not pick my activity back up, most likely.

Thank you all for the great years of Big Farm where we played together, posted on the forums together and had a lot of fun. I wish you all good luck with your farms and of course I still welcome new and experienced players onto this site to read the information that may still help them improve their gameplay.

Kind regards,



6 thoughts on “Update on my activity

  1. Many Blessings upon you, my internet friend, for creating this game, and maintaining it. It has brought so much joy and happiness to numerous people. Personally, my life gets so hectic, and this has been a good outlet to help me distress. Then, too, I live alone and don’t have many friends aside from my assembly friends. However, on this game, I have met and made some powerful comrades (Brothers and Sisters in our Heavenly Father)………
    Everyone deserves a break. Especially someone as nice as you. It is easy to get burnt out on things, even when they are our passion. I understand. As we get more mature (older, lol) our minds want to do many things, however, our bodies won’t co-operate. Then our brains try to tell us it is too much of a hassle. Been there, done that, many times. The outside world cries for our attention, stealing it away from what was once our joy……..
    While you are taking a break, I will pray you will find time to pray as well. It is only in our Heavenly Father’s presence that we find true peace and contentment. Whatever you decide concerning Big Farm, or your daily life, my thanks goes to you, along with peace and blessings.
    Agape Love and Prayers,
    Aleta (aka Dixie Daisy)

  2. Larino, thank you for this great website. It has helped me a number of times, and I refer players in the game to it, because you have recorded a lot of very helpful information! Thank you for the time you have given to writing and presenting all of these good pages!

  3. Thank you so much for all your hard work! You have made this game much easier with all you do and put into this site!

    I wish you all the best

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