FAQ about cooperatives

This page holds all the frequently asked questions about cooperatives. All orange links on this page are click-able.

Cooperative members

Cooperative leaders and deputies



6 thoughts on “FAQ about cooperatives

  1. Can someone please tell me who can spend the funds donated to the cooperative? It’s probably on the site somewhere, I just couldn’t find it. Someone in my cooperative has purchased the mission boosters and I’m just trying to find out who has the permissions to do that.

    Thanks, Tex-2-Step

  2. I have already donated to the Co-op but did not realize I should have signed up to be a researcher. Do I have to pay again to become a researcher and do I have to wait to be asked to become one?

    • Signing up as a researcher indeed costs dollars and you can only do so once per research that your co-op runs. Once the research completes you can sign up again for a different research. Signing up with gold can be done for multiple researches at the same time, but you cannot get that gold back and get out of the research whereas with dollars you can leave the research to sign up for a different one.
      Your co-op decides upon the policy for signing up. The Larino co-op always wanted her members to only sign up when asked. Other co-ops may not really worry about it and let you sign up for whichever you think is best. Do try to follow what the rest of the co-op does, though, since 1 researcher in every different research doesn’t really help ;)
      Check our research page for a guideline how to sign up as a researcher.

    • Right click on the deputy in the members list; you will get several options of which transferring leadership is one. Do make sure you actually want this, since the only way to get the leadership back is for that deputy to give it back to you. If the deputy does not want to do so, you won’t get it back and he could even remove your from your cooperative.

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