Matilda’s Famous Mushroom Stew

Mushroom event1Fall has come in Big Farm and Matilda is excited about all the mushrooms growing on your farm every night. She has an old recipe book in which a recipe for a mushroom stew is written. She would love to make this stew, but the book has fallen apart and parts of the recipe are missing! The event needs us to find those missing parts of the recipe on our farms and every day we need to collect 10 mushrooms, for fun rewards. The event runs for 10 days.

Upon collecting all the cooking book pages, we will get a Mushroom Cottage decoration, 5×5 with 65 happiness. When finding all the mushrooms each day, we can get a set of rewards. For 30 total mushrooms you get 1 rose seed, for 50 total mushrooms you get 2 WoF tokens, for 70 total mushrooms you get 2 seaweed humus, for 90 total mushrooms you get 30 seaweed fertilizer and finally for 100 total mushrooms you get a Overgrown Tree Stump deco, 4×4 and 37 happiness.

Mushroom event

The drop rates for the pages can be found here: (click) These are the book pages you need to find:

Mushrooms task

The mushrooms have grown in the weirdest spots and differ in difficulty to find them. Missing one or a few mushrooms for your daily task? See if you checked all these places:

Mushroom hunting

Cannot figure out where these locations are on the big map? Don’t worry, here’s another picture with locations:

Main farm full picture Fall

Hoping to have helped you with your mushroom hunt,

The Larino co-op


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