How the Larino co-op started

When Larino started on Big Farm she had a lot of fun on her own. After a while she got the quest for joining a co-operative, and rather than joining one, she started one herself. On January 21, 2013 the Larino co-operative was born. During the first few days she had some applicants she let in without much consideration about what direction she wanted the co-op to go, but after a while she wanted to start projects and found out she was all on her own on that. After a few times she grew tired of having to do projects alone, since it cost her a lot of time and dedication, so she was looking for some help. She turned to her real-life friend Juk who was willing to start playing with her and together they tried rallying the troops for some projects and research. After seeing this wasn’t working out as well as they hoped they wiped the slate clean, kicked out all unwilling members and started recruiting new ones.

Slowly but surely the co-op started to grow and expand and with every expansion 2 more people joined the ranks. Ranging from age  20 to 50 and from all over the world this group of farmers do projects and researches together and have a lot of fun gathering data about the newest additions to the game.


6 thoughts on “How the Larino co-op started

  1. When do we get the buildings which the level shows from “Tricky Test” I wanted to know about it because the person who is on 1st no. in this game the buildings doesn’t available yet whether she is in 105th level of this game…… So please tell me the decorations such as boatyard, garden (outside the Main Farm and Gourmet farm), Airport etc – when are these available. (the buildings are shown when the bazaar gets open in our game) If it is a new policy so how to gain these buildings please tell I will be very thankful of yours.

    • I haven’t completely understood, but what you are asking, is that when the new background buildings (like the harbour, horse stables, garden and airport) are available? That is when GGS has implemented them. Right now they are still being developed, so you cannot unlock them in any way. They are just pictures for now. Over the year 2014 they will be implemented step by step and all we can do is keep an eye on the official announcements in the forums to find out which element will be unlocked first and when.

  2. Excellent Larino..I am proud to say that i myself got accepted into my coop based on what the deputy called..Best application letter ever!:),,It is most helpful to be a true coop member by using the above criteria..i like to be a thinker:) I play on us1 and find Your website very helpful and plan to direct fellow members here as well..Thanks again~Mystie

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