Co-operative Rules

On this page are the rules and guidelines for the members of the Larino co-operative. We try to be as lenient as possible while still maintaining a decent structure.

Please follow these rules as closely as possible to make sure the co-op stays a fun place for everybody to be.

  1. If you are going somewhere and cannot play for a while, please notify us. If you go away for longer than 2 days, we would like to know. If you do not notify us, we will not know why you disappeared and we may remove you from the co-op. We do not need to know the exact reason, just an indication of the time you will be gone will be enough.
  2. Check the news. Check it daily. You may have missed out on important activities in the co-op. The news shows which projects are running and which ones are up and coming so you can prepare. It also holds a link to the site and donation requests. The news is edited every time a new project or research runs and has a date indication so you can see whether it is new or old. So again, check the news, daily.
  3. If there is a donation request, please donate. Even if it is just a little bit. This co-op does not have a set amount of donation, but that does not mean you should not donate at all. Your donation amounts are being monitored and in the end, together with other factors, may result in a warning.
  4. Try to help as well as possible with co-op projects. The shovels are not very strictly monitored, but if you have 0 or 1 shovels, you are at risk of getting a warning.
  5. When there is a cooperative challenge up and running, please help out! Play missions and earn some RP for the cooperative. Even if you only start 1 mission every time you log in, wait for it to start and harvest once before going back offline you can already gain RP for the cooperative. You need to harvest at least: 62 corn, 71 wild flowers, 69 eggs or 30 dung to be counted as active in a mission and earn RP. Every little bit helps!
  6. Within 48 hours after asking to participate in a research we would like you to sign up. If you get this message and you know you can’t participate yet, please let us know immediately. This is to ensure we don’t have to wait around not knowing about why some people didn’t sign up yet.

Some guidelines for a fun Co-op experience:

  • Check out the chat room, there is always someone there to answer your questions or to have a fun chat with.
  • Never, ever be afraid to ask those questions. We were all a beginner once so please feel free.
  • Be sure to check on the news regularly and keep an eye out for group-messages, they may contain valuable info.
  • Share your thoughts with us, 4 eyes see more than 2.
  • Group messages are sent to ‘Larino’, meaning ALL members of the co-operative Larino. If you want to send a private message to Larino herself, please pick a normal message. A hint to see the difference: normal messages allow you to change the name, group messages do not.
  • Replying on this site can be done with a false e-mail address.

We hope to have a great time together, happy farming!

The Larino co-operative.


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