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Who we are

Cooperative Larino tries to maintain a fun and active co-op, with dedicated members. Having fun and finding a home in our co-op is the most important for us. Therefore Larino tries to recruit only those that are both active and looking for a place to call ‘home’. The cooperative has a positive chat and there is always somebody there to answer all of your questions. The message system and the website give a good supply of information to provide all members with and to work effectively and efficiently.

-Lets reach for the stars and make the impossible possible!-

Want to know more?

Use the sub-menus to read more about the Larino co-op. The sub menus contain the following information:

How the Larino co-op started

Where did it all begin and how did this co-op evolve?

Current achievements

Which projects are available and how many researches have been completed?

Co-operative rules

If you are a member, what should you keep in mind?


Want to become a member? Follow these rules.


34 thoughts on “About us

  1. Larino, great website! You have some great information posted here – and in a much better organized and easy to find manner than the forums. Thank you for doing this! I hope you don’t mind – I plan to send some of my co-op’s new members here to learn.

  2. Wow, you take this cooperative business way too seriously… but I can see you dedicated lots of time into it! Hope you can achieve your goals! :)

  3. Great website for information about BigFarm. My only complaint is that the links from the “How does a co-op work” page do not work. The only way I could get to the pages was to click and hold on the lefthand menu and drag over to the popup window before releasing button. Then I could click on the other links. I’ve tried both IE and FireFox browsers so I don’t think it’s me.

    • In a way, it is you I’m afraid. We are aware of this issue and we think it has to do with the width of the screen you have. We will take your criticism into consideration and if necessary we will do something about this, but we are not completely sure how to solve it, as for other people they do work!

      What might help is if you zoom out your screen (or zoom in if you have it zoomed out) and then the pop-out position will change.

      • You’re right, it works fine with the browser open all the way. My mistake, now I know what to tell my newbies when I send them here.
        Thanks for the info and thanks for all the work you put into this site.
        Keep up the good work. :-)

    • Depends : P We’re with two authors and one is male and the other is female. For the record, I am female : P

  4. Congratulations for your work! I see you are very serious in your “affaire”, as you probably are in everything you do. I’d like to join to your co-op, but I cant play much (only for about one hour in the morning) and I don’t want to mess up somebody to accomplish a mission because I don’t do my part. But I will visit your blog from time to time if you agree.

    • Hey Ella, you may always visit the website! Thanks for your compliments, me and my co-author appreciate it very much. I would like to know on which server you are though, because I cannot find you on WWW1. On US1 and UK1 you can only join my co-op for 5 days as those are training co-ops. The co-op on WWW1 is for fixed, but then you need to be on that server as well! Are you?

      • Sorry for my late answer. I havent got your reply till now.
        My bigger farm is on US1, but I also have a smaller one on International 1. My user name is ella 626 (with space) in both. But I have already founded my own co-op, so I think I cant join another one. My co-op is not so flourishing as yours is, but its ok. Anyway, thank you for inviting me.

  5. LS, We are a coop that does not compel its members to buy gold. But now we discovered that we can not grow up to 17 members without donating gold. Would youhave a guideline in how to coop with this / and how to tell our members?

    • I would simply tell them what it is about and ask if anybody is willing to help out. I haven’t been in that situation personally, but forcing is not an option imo. If they really do not want to donate, then respect that decision. But if you tell them where it’s at, somebody may be willing to set a donation system up and pull others with them in their attempt.

  6. Nice blog! I found you because my bigfarm page won’t load anymore after emptying my browser history and cache (including flash) and I was searching for a solution. Haven’t found the answer yet, but finding your blog makes up for that ;-)
    p.s. I play on the Dutch server.

    • Hey Chelsea, I am glad you like our blog ^^ About your problem, these are the things that come to mind to help you solve it: You could try to restart your computer, use a different browser or re-install the browser and/or flash player. Good luck in your search for the solution and I hope one of these things may also help you solve it.

  7. Hey,I just want to thank you so much for all your hard work. I’ve only been playing for like 2 weeks now but you have made the game so much easier and much more enjoyable!

    I do have a question though.You’ve said that i can buy single gold mining license from Omar after i run the 1st one through the mine right?i was wondering if that’s a one time only deal? if not can i buy another license & make another 500 profit etc.? If so i can make like 500 gold each week & use the profit to buy water towers.This is important because i’m a non gold player.Thank You!

    • The deals come by more often, but are rare. You gotta get lucky to see the deal pop up. Sometimes that does not happen at all when Omar is at the farm, sometimes that happens 1 or even several times that day.

  8. [Nice and convenient site] :)

    [In the excel file the prices for a fertile field are not mentioned. The initial price has been added, but not the upgrade prices. Can you help?]

    Translated by Larino – this site is English only

    • I have re-uploaded an old sheet that does have the prices for the fertile fields (but misses a lot of other prices). You can open it through the alternative link that is right below the new upgrade price spreadsheet. Happy farming~

  9. Hey Larino!
    I would say that this website is really helpful and informative!
    Keep up the good work!
    Will keep looking into your website once in a while!
    P.S I play on the Indian Server!

  10. Hey Larino
    Awesome blog. I visit here often.
    I wonder if I may to copy your instructions and translate then to my coop, Hotelli in skn 1 server.

    • The library building itself grows with a certain amount of books. How many books that is and which ones, is a mystery to me. If you want to know the exact amount you will have to ask the player. If you want to guess if they use a lot of gold or not, compare the building with a building of which you know how many books it has, for example your own. If it looks bigger, it has more books, if it looks smaller it has less books. You could also pay a visit to the top (gold) player of your server, they probably have a large built-out library with a lot of books, so you can see what that looks like.

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