FAQ about the farm

This page holds all Frequently Asked Questions that have been asked about the game. It will be updated regularly when new questions have popped up. The orange lines in this page are all click-able.

Important information for multi-accounters and family setting players

For beginners

Building your farm

The farm environment

Temporary farms


Menu items and questions outside the farm


19 thoughts on “FAQ about the farm

  1. THANK YOU so much 4 this site! i JUST found it. If it hadnt been 4 the revamp of gourmet farm & me trying 2 figure out where my restaurant & field went & not finding the ans. that helped & stumbling on your post in the farm update forum I think I would have stopped. I have only been playing about 3.5 wks now, there was no tutorial that I am aware of so it is confusing on a lot of things I am trying 2 do. I will now peruse ur site & info thoroughly & try 2 do this w/a little more organization. After that I would like 2 apply 2 ur training co-op. I don’t mind the wait, as long as I get in eventually. I want 2 understand the workings of a co-op b4 I join. Thats why so far I haven’t. A/O 31 Mar. 2014 I am at lvl 35(blue star) I dont know what the green start means. Hope this site & your training co-op will answer that ? 4 me also. Again WOOHOOOO!! LARINO! Thank you :)

    • I am not entirely sure what you mean by a green start? If you are on UK, US or NL you can join my training co-op and you can join it now if you want. Simply apply. If you are on any other server, sorry, no training co-op of mine covers those :(

      • oops sorry meant green star in the….I think it is achievments. I saw it somewhere, but can’t remember exactly where in the game. Maybe achievments or stickers. When I hovered over the green star hoping for further info……none was provided. Don’t know if it is of any relevance. Thank you for your swift reply and the invitation. Is your name also SirGeorge? I saw that on this page I believe. I think I have received a msg in my game inbox from you/your co-op. I will recheck. Yes I am on the US server I hope. When I created the acct though I did not select one because at the time I didnt know what all of it meant. Your training co-op is Larinos? thats what I would search for? Again thank you, I really believe this will make the game more enjoyable knowing more about it and guidelines etc…. :)

      • I invited you into the co-op. SirGeorge is my deputy on the WWW server and he runs a competitive co-op on the US server. Maybe you can move over to him after your training is done. You may have received a message from him, I did not send you a message before. See you soon in the training co-op!

      • Hi Larino…Im in the U.S. and just started playing. I am level 14 and don’t really know what I’m doing that much really. I seem to be moving along ok but I am not in a co-op and dont know what that means really. I don’t want to be forced to play when I don’t feel like it, like when I was in a guild with a different game on FB. Is it like that? Also I have not really played online games much and I have never used a forum either so it is very confusing trying to do anything. And actually I started out just trying to find the answer to one simple question and I stumbled across this here. My question is about the happiness. What does the + and – signs before a number mean? And is it good to have them? And what about the number with it…is it best to have high number or low number? If you could please help me I would really be thankful. Good job on ur site here by the way. :)

      • The happiness is explained in the beginners tips and tricks page. You need to be in – as much as possible, because that means you have less costs. Please use the contact me link on the main page so I can go into more detail with more help about co-ops and all other questions. I feel the website commenting system is not very suitable for lengthy conversations :)

  2. ok so you dont actually have a co-op on the US server? I will be off for a large chunk of time for a couple of days, but will be reading your site info here and the posts I have found on the game site. Also the wiki site that Katnip posted. Then apply if you still have openings. Again thanks much :)

    • I told you, I invited you into the co-op, but apparently you have not found the accept button yet… I have a training co-op on the US server, of which George is a partner that takes graduates. George and I are in the same competitive co-op led by me on the WWW server. Anyway, you have a pending invite in your inbox on US right now.

  3. I am making a spreadsheet for the long term event (A Hero for Piggles). I think it may be helpful for planning purposes. It is in the same format as the other spreadsheets available here on your site. Let me know if you are interested.

    • Sure, you can always send any spreadsheets to my forum account and I will consider them for the website. I am on the English forums, my main account is Larino. No numbers added.

    • The voucher code box is no longer available. If you get a voucher code in an e-mail you can just follow the link and your gifts will be added to your balance automatically. Any other voucher codes that are still going around on the forums or facebook and that are posted a long while ago are no longer valid and cannot be redeemed any more.

  4. What are all the collections for. It seems like I am collecting all kinds of things but I am not sure what most of them are for!

    • Collectibles drop for a variety of reasons. One of the types of collectibles are a series of items that you can use to fill projects in a cooperative. See the ‘what are collectibles and what do we use them for’ post in the cooperative section for more info on those. Sometimes, however, events are running that drop collectibles. Weekly events have about 2-3 tasks that ask for a certain collectible. These are new collectibles that will only drop when you are working on that particular task. See the spreadsheets page for more info on weekly events. Sometimes seasonal events run that also ask for a certain (set of) collectibles. Collectibles will drop for those events while they run. Finally there are a few collectibles that you need to run other buildings, like mining licences from the mill and tokens from fields to play the Wheel of Fortune – these collectibles are considered rare – and you get tools for your garage to upgrade and run machines with. Even though I tried to cover the majority of items, it is very well possible I missed some. You can check your inventory/green box (check the different types of tabs in there too) and hover over the items to see where they drop and what they are for. Good luck and happy farming!

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