No pain, no gain – George’s silo event

Silo eventThe silo event has started and confuses many players amongst us. How does it work exactly? Which box to fill? How much time do I have and why does this change all the time? This post will answer most of your questions. The silo event runs for about 2 to 3 days. In those days you can get two types of rewards. First type are the hard work rewards. Currently there are 40 of those and they need you to gather a certain amount of points to win them. You can cycle through them when the event runs to see which rewards you will win for which amount of points. The second type is the ranking reward. Every group of players (based on level) will have a shot at one of the 5 ranking rewards (also based on level). You will need to lift yourself into the top 5 to win it, though, which makes this reward very difficult to get for non gold users (actually just impossible). This is what the event looks like: No pain, no gain The silo consists of 3 boxes in a row. You will have to view these boxes from right to left. The right-most box is positioned under a funnel. On that funnel is a gauge metre and a timer. You can start the timer by harvesting at least 1 piece of the product the box asks for. Once the timer has started you can see how much time you have left to harvest the next amount of product. When the timer runs out, the box will close and the middle box will move over to the right. A new box will appear on the left as well. Boxes technically cannot be filled. They are bottom-less. The only way a box will be considered filled is when the funnel goes empty. This happens when you cannot or did not harvest any more products before the timer on the gauge metre runs out. If you hover your mouse over the funnel, you will see how much of your product it needs to move up a gauge level. The higher the gauge level, the faster the machine works and the more points per second you get. But, there is a tiny problem. The machine is quite old and the more you ask of it, the more difficult it becomes for it to process all those products. That translates into a time penalty. Once you reach about gauge 4 or 5 the time will start becoming shorter with every new gauge level (you get more time when you harvest, but when you move up 1 gauge level this time will be cut drastically). Eventually it will be impossible for you to get another harvest in within the time that is left. That will likely be around gauge level 7 or 8.

Starting a box of for example corn or wild flowers off with a full batch of specials with humus will immediately send you up to around gauge 8 probably. This will give you 8 points per second, but will also make the time to harvest normal crops quite short. Which is the best strategy is not certain. You can either let it run steady with less points for a while or let it run fast and switch on to the next box quickly to harvest a new type of product. If you keep the machine going for about 1 full day it is very likely you are already able to get 20 rewards easily. Reaching all 40 rewards has appeared to be almost impossible for anybody at the moment. The average amount of points you can reach by running the machine on an average speed with a medium to high amount of playtime is 600k to 700k.

At the moment the machine is still a bit wobbly and buggy, timers are not working correctly and it may be unbalanced as to how easy or difficult it is to get certain rewards. I am sure this will be changed in the future by GGS in one of their updates.

Hoping to have answered your questions about this event,

The Larino Co-op


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