Easter eggs on the farm

Just a little funfact about the farm. The developers have hidden easter eggs. No, not the real coloured eggs you need to find around easter, but little interactive jokes. You need to perform a certain action to see them.

There is one in the village:

Fishy fish

If you open the middle drop down (where you can change farms) and go to ‘My Village’ you will see all the farms that are in your co-op. In the middle is your own farm. Three roads run out from it. If you follow the road that goes down, you more or less end up at one of the lakes/ponds. Double click that lake and a little fish jumps out! Want to see a screenshot? Check it out over here: (click)

There is at least one on the main farm:

The dog

If you hover your mouse over the dog, it will ‘sniff’ the cursor. When you click the dog, it will actually roll on its back to get a nice belly rub!

There are two that were found so far on the candy farm:

The monster of Loch Ness aka Nessy

Want to see Nessy float by in the small lake beside your farm on the right? Then you will need to click the apples on the apple tree above the lake. 4 apples need to fall for Nessy to show up and float by shortly. Make sure you actually precisely click the apples, click them all several times, 4 will eventually fall off the tree and Nessy will show up!

Change the colour of your houses’ and factory’s smoke

In order to that you need to find the little cartoony people in the woods. Each one will give you a different kind of smoke. There is blue, red and dark grey smoke for example. Be sure to click them correctly, you could click on and around each person several times to make sure you hit the right spot to change the colour of your smoke!

Did not start a candy farm? No problem! You can visit any other person’s candy farm to see these funny elements as well!

Cannot get Nessy to show up and want to see a picture? Check this link: (click here)

Need an example of the people you need to find to change the colour of your smoke? Check this picture: (click here)


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