The county fair

County fair event 2

The county fair is around the corner and everybody is very busy preparing. Flyers have been handed out and everybody is getting pieces of candy to make sure they’ll come visit once the fair has arrived. The event asks us to help find all the flyers and pieces of candy in two different ways. The flyers have been scattered around your farm and will drop with every harvest. The pieces of candy are hidden in the farm environment, 10 at a time, each day a new set. The event runs for 10 days.

There are several rewards bound to this event. If you manage to find all flyers for the first part of the event, you will get a Classic Carousel decoration. If you manage to find all 10 candies each day, you get several rewards. For 30 pieces of candy you get 1 rose seed, for 50 pieces you get 2 tokens, for 70 pieces you get 2 seaweed humus, for 90 pieces you get 30 seaweed fertilizer and finally for 100 pieces of candy (the full amount) you get a Cotton Candy Machine decoration. The Classic Carousel decoration measures 5×5 and has 65 happiness points, the Cotton Candy Machine decoration measures 4×4 and has 37 happiness points.

County fair event

For flyer drop rates, check this sheet (click here). These are the flyers you need to find:

Flyers dark

The candies are hidden on different spots than the eggs of the Easter event were. So, where are they? Check out this picture to see if you have checked every corner of your farm to find all 10 pieces of candy every day during the county fair event!

Besides using the pictures in this post, you could also try and find your candy while visiting a different player’s farm. Once you are on their farm, the environment is still the same and the pieces of candy will be there, but you will not have the annoying exclamation marks and timers on your screen that could possibly hide some of your candies!

Candy hunting

See a location above but no clue where that would be on the big map? Don’t worry, here are all the locations again, all together in a big picture (click to enlarge):

Main farm full picture County Fair

Hoping to have helped all you candy hunters,

The Larino co-op.


9 thoughts on “The county fair

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  2. Any chance of an update with the new map/graphics? A great site that’s always helpful finding these eyestraining objects.

    • Nope, sorry. The locations of these candies and other similar events have hardly changed. These kinds of maps have never been exhaustive and are merely there to give a good idea of in which kinds of places to look and which kinds of places can be really tricky.

    • Of course this map is not exhaustive and every time the event runs GGS may add new or different locations, since the game is changing all the time.

  3. hi, i missed 1 candy yesterday is it possible to get it on other day? or i missed it for this time??

    • If you miss one candy unfortunately you are out of the running for the final reward. The best you can do now is get the reward for 90 candies.

  4. is it okay if I used to gold to find a candy? I did this on the first day of the event. Now someone tells me that wont count? Not sure this true. BTW… love your site.

    • If you have the gold to spend it is fine to use gold. As long as that helps you find all the candies necessary that is, because if you miss 1 candy out of 100 you will miss the final decoration. I have no clue why using gold would ever not count unless it is a bug ;)

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