Greta Greensmith and her deco upgrade truck

Greta Greensmith now visits our farms regularly and offers to upgrade our decos. This post will explain all about Greta. Do note that this event is only visible from level 50, sorry lower levels!

Greta is the new landscape designer of Big Farm. She will offer to disassemble and upgrade decorations to help you with all your space and lay-out issues. She pops up in the same way the architect does, as an event, luckily more regularly than Steve.

How does this work?landscape archi 6

When you click on Greta’s truck you can choose 2 options. Upgrade and disassemble. Each farm has their own decos, so you need to access the truck from the farm you want to upgrade or disassemble decorations from.


If you pick the upgrade page, you see a list of decorations available on your farm. You can pick from decorations that are actually on your farm, decorations that are in your inventory or in your drop box. Click on a decoration and you will see its information on the right. The default upgrade option is to use gold. Be careful with that! You can also choose to upgrade with dollars or decoration parts. The more often you upgrade a decoration, the more expensive each option becomes. To get decoration parts you will first need to disassemble some other decorations. Each decoration does have an upgrade limit, but don’t worry, the larger the deco, the less likely you are to reach that limit unless you own bazillions of dollars/gold/decoration parts. The limit seems to be at 8 happiness per square for now. That translates into a max of 200 happiness for a 5×5 decoration. In a picture this menu looks like this:

Landscape archi

You have probably noticed the new colours and numbers added to the decos. These are the quality categories the deco fits in. They are placed in these categories based on their happiness per square ratio, difficulty to obtain and size. If you upgrade a decoration far enough that it improves by one quality category, you will get to see this notification:

landscape archi 4


If you have any decorations on your farm, in your drop box or inventory that you do not like or are too low happiness for you to ever use again, you can disassemble them. For any disassembly you get an amount of decoration parts, depending on the value of the decoration you disassembled. This makes the use for week event decorations for high levels much better. You can now continue winning these decorations for disassembly. With the parts you got, you can upgrade some other decorations a few levels. With the check boxes you can choose which decorations Greta will show you, for example the decorations on your farm and/or the ones in your inventory and/or the ones in your drop box. If you pay a bit of gold, you can boost the amount of parts you get for the next few disassembly’s. When you choose to disassemble a decoration, you will get a warning. You will not be able to re-assemble the decoration and it will be destroyed. If you want to disassemble several decorations and want to get rid of this warning, there is a check box to remove the warning for the duration of the current event. You get to keep the decoration parts until you use them, even in between events.

It is recommended not to use the ‘from the farm’ option for disassembly. Instead, store any decorations you would like to disassemble and only show the decorations from the inventory and/or dropbox to avoid accidental dismantling of decorations built on your farm.

The disassembly window looks like this:

landscape archi 1

Some more information:

There are some decorations with an ‘S’ quality label. This is a special label and indicates that the decorations can neither be dismantled or upgraded.

It is recommended to upgrade high happiness decorations by a few happiness first. If you later decide you want to get rid of them anyway, they are worth more parts, so upgrading a deco of which you are not sure you want to keep is still worth it. The first few upgrades on every decoration are the cheapest and can easily be done with decoration parts or a few dollars.

If you want low happiness decorations upgraded for lay-out purposes, do note that the price of the upgrades increases exponentially. The higher you get the more the prices will increase and eventually they will be ‘through the roof’. Be sure to save up enough dollars and decoration parts to get this objective done.

Hoping to have helped,

The Larino Cooperative


4 thoughts on “Greta Greensmith and her deco upgrade truck

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  2. hi Larino great site!! glad i found it!!!!
    fyi, i just turned level 36 , and Greta is visiting me for the first time…your opening sentence said level 50, so just letting you know ;)

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