Find the eggs!

In the new Easter event we need to fulfill two tasks to get even more rewards that we used to get. First of all we need to find chocolate Easter bunnies on our farm. Once all bunnies have been collected we get a new cherry tree decoration. The decoration measures 4×4 and has a happiness of 65.

Easter event 3rd time

These are the bunnies we need to find (in different colours):

Easter chocolat website

Besides the previous task, we also need to find eggs in the farm environment. Every day a new set of 10 will be hidden. At 50, 70, 90 and 100 eggs we get a reward, the final reward (100 eggs) is a bunny bungalow decoration that measures 4×6 and has a happiness of 55. These are the rewards you can get:

Easter event reward 2 3rd time

But what do these eggs even look like and where to look for them? Here’s a little help!

First of all, this picture shows where I found most of my eggs (click picture to enlarge). The eggs are on different locations all the time, but some locations come back from time to time, randomly. When editing the picture I found quite some double pictures (which I left out in the final version below).

Egg hunting

Now where are these locations on the large map? They are mostly around the edges of your farm. Drag it all the way to the side until you can go no further and stick around that screen limit when you move in all directions. Here’s another picture to help you locate where the eggs may be (click picture to enlarge):

Main farm full picture Easter

Still cannot find that one egg? See if you checked these locations:

  • Did you check the lighthouse?
  • Did you check the rocks all around your farm environment?
  • Did you check all bushes and trees?
  • Did you check the water of sea and river?
  • Did you check the fields to the North of the farm environment?
  • Did you check the bridges and pier?
  • Did you check the signposts?
  • Did you check behind move-able menu bars and timer pop-ups?

Another tip to find eggs is to log out, clear your caches or enter an incognito screen to open the farm in and quickly check the environment before everything has loaded. They should be easily visible like this! (N.B. in my situation the computer loads the environment before it loads in the eggs. It may be so that this trick will not work any more!)

Hoping there were some tips to help you find all 10 eggs every day,

The Larino co-op


5 thoughts on “Find the eggs!

  1. wish I had read this before the event ended. LOL Thank you for the idea of cleaning cache or going incognito. One thing that was helpful to me was to use magnifier and go up to 400 or 500%. Took a while to view everything but for one with “not the greatest” eyesight it did help. Had to take my patience along for the searching though. I did not find all the eggs each day but enough to get a couple prizes.

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    • You will only see where the eggs are when your computer loads slowly and loads in the eggs before the rest of the environment. For some people this will work, for others it will not. Personally for me, the computer loads the environment first and the eggs later, so I cannot use this trick. They may have changed it too, so we cannot use it any more. This is the same for the current mushroom event and other events like the candy event and the pumpkin event.
      I will change the post to say it doesn’t always work.

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