Horsebreeding 101

Wondering how you can get a high level horse the fastest? Frustrated that training your horse is so slow? Want to complete tasks for an x amount of horses with breeding value y? Here are the answers. Follow these steps and you will get those horses you want and need to be the best.

Step 1:

Upgrade your stable. To make this strategy successful, you need some space in your stable to be able to hold several horses at the same time. To start, 3 or 4 spots are required (preferably 4).

Step 2:

Buy a new horse at level 0. These horses cost some golden horseshoes and can only be bought from your stable, from an empty stall. Click on the stall’s button to purchase a random level 0 Goldy horse.

Buy horse

Step 3:

Train your newly bought Goldy horse once max non-intensive on every training skill (endurance, agility and strength) – but only to a full level. Partly levels will not count when breeding the horse.

Want the low-budget way of this step? Scroll down.

Now what does max non-intensive mean? If you open a training facility (in the example they are all level 5), you see a slider. That slider can be moved to the right and at some point it will change from non-intensive brown to intensive orange colour. Right before that colour change, you should stop sliding and start the training. That is your maximum non-intensive point. Training intensive will only use up many more horseshoes for little gain in levels for your horse. If you are swimming in horseshoes that is fine, but to save horseshoes max non-intensive is a better idea. In a picture:

Non-intensive training

As you can see in the picture above, the horse would reach level 13 with one max non-intensive training for strength on the level 5 show jumping course. If I repeat that with endurance and agility, it will reach level 13 on all and have a breeding value of 13 as well. Training it again will make it gain only 1 level, so you could probably imagine it will take a lot of time to get it up a few more levels, which is why we will have to breed this horse before thinking of training again. Training this horse again will show me this figure:

2nd training

We do not want to gain so little in the second training and that is why we are going to breed this horse. After breeding, the new foal will show me this namely:

2nd training 2

Step 4:

Okay, so we know what we want now. We want to breed our horse to make sure it will gain a lot of levels again. But… for breeding we need 2 horses! That is why we will repeat steps 1 through 3 one more time in the second empty slot of our stable. Buy a horse and train it max-non intensive on all of its skills.

(Two horses of level 13 will give you one breeding effect, but will also refresh the training abilities of your foal. This post does not take any breeding effects into account, the first time you can just take what is offered to you, once you get further into training you must choose which effects to keep, that is all up to you.)

Once we have our two horses ready on level 13, we will breed them. Go to the breeding menu of your stable and select both your horses as the parents. Breed and you will have a brand new foal! Take into account that you will lose both parents with this, but the foal will be much better. There will be one horse left. That horse is level 13 and has a breeding effect. When you go into training again, it will gain a lot of levels like the horse on the green check-mark picture above did.

Step 5:

It is getting a little more complicated now. You will be training your new foal max non-intensive on every skill again. It will gain a lot of levels the first time and on a show jumping course level 5 it will become level 22. Now you may choose to train your horse again to make it gain another few levels. After training about twice, we are kind of stuck again. The next trainings will make the horse gain so little amount of levels that it is no longer efficient. How to solve that? Right. Breed again. But we need another similar level horse to breed with. And here comes the trick, we will repeat steps one through 4 two more times. That means we buy 2 more horses, train them, breed them and train the foal again. Now we have 2 foals of the same level that can be bred. Continue in this trend and your horse will climb up higher and higher in levels with minimum effort and minimum waste of horseshoes.

The higher level you get with your horses, the more often you can train before breeding again. If the horse gains less than a level per training, I would recommend to consider breeding again (with a similar level horse of course).

Will you run through a lot of new Goldy horses? Yes you will. Will you have to pay quite some horseshoes for all those first trainings max non-intensive? You probably will (depends on what you consider much – training twice or more with a horse will probably cost even more shoes with less result).

You can look at this training and breeding strategy as a large pyramid. You start with a very broad base of level 0 Goldy horses and you end up with a ‘Super horse’. It looks like this:

Horse breeding tree

The levels xx, yy, zz and S depend on the level of your training facilities. Until level 5, those facilities move the moment training turns intensive up with every level. On level 5 you can train to level 13 in one training, paying 1980 horseshoes per max non-intensive training. After level 5 the facilities only give 1 extra training point per training and they look nicer of course.

Some extra things to keep in mind

1.) A low level horse gains very little levels when you train it twice. When your horse is higher level, you may consider training it several times before breeding, since it will gain more levels in the second (and third etc.) training, but not as many as a new foal would.

2.) Training full levels is better than partial levels if you get the horse ready for breeding, since partial levels will only be lost in the breeding process. I would recommend staying in non-intensive though, unless it is just a bit into the intensive area to get to the next full level.

3.) To gain a breeding effect every time you breed, you need horses that are trained to these benchmark levels: 10, 20, 35, 50, 70, 90. Every one of these levels will give you an extra breeding effect slot on your foal.

For more tips and general horse information, read this post: Click.

Low-budget training

If you really do not have enough horseshoes and want a cheaper way of training, you may want to train on the lowest possibility. That possibility will cost 20 horseshoes per training and give 2 points, plus the amount of points you get extra for your training facilities. For this to be most profitable, you need a high level training facility that gives a lot of extra training points. Every level of a training facility gives one extra point. If you continue to train your horse on the lowest possibility, you will even save a lot of horseshoes in the long run. Training once max non-intensive on a level 5 training course towards a full level (level 13) will cost 1530 horseshoes. If you train on that same course only on the lowest possibility, you will spend roughly 1300 shoes once your horse has reached the same full level. The only downside of this strategy is that it will take you days, even weeks to train 1 horse and thus it will take months to get a high level horse following the steps above.

Happy breeding,

The Larino cooperative

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