The main farm environment explained

Since the new environment has implemented, it may be a little confusing what all those buildings around the farm do. Especially for the levels that haven’t unlocked these buildings yet, it is all new and exciting. In this post all the buildings and their usage will be explained. Click the picture to enlarge:

Main farm full picture numbers


1. The first building that needs a mention is the airport. You have probably already seen it and maybe you wonder what it does. The airport brings you to one of the temporary farms. Do always keep in mind: these farms are temporary, meaning they will go away and not come back the way you left them. They will come back empty again and you have to build them up from the start each time they come by. Why? Because they are considered events and you can win decos and other rewards for the tasks you complete. If the farms would be back the way you left them, you cannot complete those tasks again and get a multitude of those rewards. The farms also serve the purpose of keeping you supplied with shells and runes to eventually be able to play the horse farm.

2. You can buy seeds for this building, the greenhouse, on the marketplace. In this screenshot’s number 5, the marketplace, you can see the blue car of the rune trader. He happened to be there at the time I took the screenshots. The rune trader (shell trader version has a green truck) sells seeds for the greenhouse, but also decos and houses. You will need the shells or runes from the island farms to pay him. You can grow the seeds in the greenhouse. Once you have fruits, all you can do with those is deliver them to the ship. You cannot sell these fruits otherwise. If you want to use humus, you will need to activate the Special Press tractor you can find in building number 9, the garage. Activating it once will give you a certain number of humus, to get more you need to activate it again and again and again.

3. Once you have the fruits from the greenhouse and products from your farm, you can fill the ship. The ship asks for basically anything from your farms (4 slots) and two types of fruits. If you have never played the island farms before, the ship’s last two slots will be locked. Once you open an island farm, the ship will be asking for the fruits that belong to that farm and you cannot go back. If you want the ship to ask for the fruits from the other island farm, you will have to open that farm next time it comes by, because only opening a farm will trigger the ship to ask for its fruits.

4. The horsestable is a fun area where you can train, breed and compete with your horses. The competition seasons allow you to win nice rewards for your farm. To do things in the horsestable, you will need horseshoes, that you can only get from the ship.

More information about buildings 1-4 can be found here: click

5. At the marketplace all the cars that have something to offer show up. There are event cars and sales cars. At the moment of the screenshot, the sales car of the rune trader and the fairy tale event scene were present. More information about events and particular cars can be found on the FAQ page

More information about sales cars here: click

6. The library is the place where you can buy handy handbooks for gold. These books boost the production of the particular product you decided to buy a book about. The more levels of a book you buy, the more it boosts production. Keep in mind that feed books only add the extra feed on harvesting. Most tasks ask for starting the production of feed. Books do not do anything for starting productions!

7. The cooperative tree. You only have a cooperative tree when you are in a co-op. The tree grows with a certain level of the co-op. The tree should be watered by you and your fellow co-op members and will flourish from time to time. When it does, it will give rewards.

More info about the co-op tree here: click

8. The flagpole is a nice show-off feature and it brightens up your farm. You can earn flags in certain events. If you do not have any other flags besides the grey one yet, wait for an event to pop up in which you can win a flag. Examples of those events are a birthday event, a winter event, an Easter event and a Halloween event. They are themed events that usually happen around worldwide holidays.

More info about the long term (flag) events here:  click

9. The garage is the place where helpful tractors are stored. Half of these tractors help permanently when you build and upgrade them and the other half needs to be activated every time you want to use them. Upgrading the second set will decrease the cooldown time these tractors need before you can start them again. Do note: placing a tractor is just for show-off functions or to be able to see your tractor instead of locking it up in the garage. It does not influence how or when the tractor works.

More info about the garage and missions here: click

10. The last building I want to discuss is the mine. The mine needs mining licences to run. Upgrading it will reduce the time it takes for the mine to produce your dollars or gold. You will get dollar licences as a drop from the mill from time to time and to get gold licences you will have to buy them or earn them.

More info about the mine and mining licences here: click

Hoping this info has helped you,

The Larino cooperative


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    This is a really helpful post, that has lots of good info about all the buildings in the farm environment. I hope y’all will take the time to read it.

    Thanks Larino for doing a great job on this as you do with all your posts!


  2. How long does it take for the dots beside a members name to change color. Example from yellow to red

    • If you hover your mouse over one of the dots you will see its colour explanation. White to yellow: 12 hours. Yellow to orange: 48 hours. Orange to red: 7 days.

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