All about the co-op shovels

Everybody that is in a co-op has probably noticed the shovel icons on the member tab. But what are these? And how do they work? Find out in this post!

What are shovels?

The shovels calculate the project contribution of members to the co-op. The more shovels you have, the better you contributed to the running projects. The ultimate rank of shovels is the golden shovel and rake icon. If you have that icon, you are top contributor. But do keep working on those projects, because you may lose that rank soon if you let go of the reigns for just a bit. The shovels get re-calculated after every project! Here is a screenshot with all possible shovel indications: Shovels Every orange shovel indicates a new rank of contribution in projects. The golden shovel indication in the last line is added in front of your name and can basically be added to any of the ranks as long as it is the highest in the co-op. Thus, it is possible that the golden shovel is given to somebody with 4 or any other number of orange shovels. It is also possible that several people get the golden shovel; in case the calculation comes up with a shared 1st position.

How are these shovels calculated?

The shovels are calculated over the 5 most recently run projects, weighing the best 4 heaviest and of those 4 the last project weighs heaviest as well. How exactly the formula works is not clear. What is clear is that it includes your level, the amount you contributed to each project, the level of the project, the maximum possible amount of co-op members and possibly also what your farm is capable of producing.

I just entered a co-op and my line shows no data is available. Why is that?

When you have just entered a co-op it is not possible for the formula to calculate anything. After 2 projects have ran in which you were at least in the co-op, your line will show data as well. Do note that the shovels will not be completely accurate yet, as the formula needs at least 5 projects to calculate an accurate rank. Hoping to have informed enough about this subject, The Larino cooperative


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