All about the horse stable

This article only explains briefly what breeding is. If you want a guide to training and breeding your horse successfully, visit this page: Horsebreeding 101

The horse ranch is here! Now what can we do on the ranch? The environment we have allows us to do several things. We can train our horse, name it, breed it and have it compete to the three big farm characters. We can also have it compete in seasonal competitions with other players.

Racing against big farm characters

Horse stable

Lester Crowley will challenge you in a dressage competition with his horse Dusty. Old George’s horse Minnie is a great show jumper and he is ready to challenge you in this discipline. Finally Tessa Townsend would like to try to outrun you in a racing competition with her horse Dakota.

Horse stable challengesHorse stable Countdown timerWhether you win or lose is determined by your horse’s level and the character’s level. Every time you win, their level will go up until they win. On winning you get golden horseshoes, which can be used to upgrade your training facilities. When you lose a cool down will be triggered and you can only attempt to challenge them again after the cool down has run out.

Horse stable Win or loseMeanwhile, train your horse in one of the three characteristics: agility, strength and endurance. For now your horse can only go up to level 10. For the training you need horseshoes. If you decide to do an intensive training it will cost more horseshoes per point, but you also get more points in the 4 hours the training takes. You can use the slider to decide how many horseshoes you can and want to pay for this training session. More info about training can be found in the Horsebreeding 101 article.

Horse stable training


A newly added feature is breeding. Before you can breed, you need two horses, obviously. But your stable only allows you to stall one as it is. Therefore you will need to upgrade the stable to be able to stall at least 2 horses. Every time you upgrade it (as with the training facilities) you need to pay competition horseshoes. How to get those? Have your horse compete to win them. The better you trained your horse, the further it will get and the bigger the prizes it will win. After upgrading the stable, you can buy a new horse. That also costs competition horseshoes. The horse you bought will be very young, with no training values, nor other values and qualities. If you train both horses, their training values as well as their breeding value will increase. The higher the breeding value, the better the chance on a good foal when you breed them. If the horse you bought is not to your liking or you need more space but have no horseshoes to upgrade the stable, you can always set a horse free. That means, releasing it into the wild and never ever getting it back! The set free button has a confirmation screen to make sure you do not accidentally click it and lose a good horse.

Once you trained your two horses and breed them, they will produce a foal. The new foal will ‘use up’ (yes, sorry, the parents will be gone) its parents and take over their traits. It will copy the strongest parent’s breeding value and their training values will be averaged to the foal’s training values. The foal will also have a chance to have certain traits that allow you to train it faster and it will have some qualities indicating how valuable it is. All the breeding values and possibilities are quite elaborate. Even so elaborate that we have decided to give it its own page. Read more about breeding here: (click)

Challenge other players

Right now it is also possible to race against other players. Race seasons run for about a month with a week of rest in between. You need to race against other players to get tournament points. The more points you have, the higher up you get in the leagues. There is a bronze, silver, gold and platinum league in which you need certain amounts of points to move up. If you end the season in one of these leagues, you get extra prizes besides the prizes you already won from moving up in the league itself. A league has 5 stages. If you manage to win against 50 players in platinum I league, you move into the diamond league. Once in diamond, you cannot drop out any more.

Challenge other players

To win points, you need to win while challenging others. Losing against others you challenged will only give you a few competition horseshoes, winning will give many more horseshoes and 4 tournament points. To be able to challenge others, you need fuel. You can see the amount of fuel you have bottom left (red circle on the picture above). The maximum amount you can have (without buying a larger fuel tank) is 100. Fuel will replenish by 10 every hour. The timer indicates how much time is left before it replenishes and the +10 shows how much fuel replenishes every hour. (I bought a booster on the picture above, so mine says +11). You need 12 fuel to race against one other player.

If you want to buy fuel instead of waiting for it to replenish, you can go to the gas station (click the green button with the white plus on the fuel bar). The first option allows you to buy 3 sets of 8 fuel for dollars. You can only buy 3 sets every 24 hours; this will reset at midnight CET, the same time the day resets on the game for other elements as well. In addition you are allowed to buy another 3 sets of 16 fuel with gold if you want – this also resets every day. The second set of options allows you to buy a replenishment booster. The first booster that costs dollars will add 1 fuel to the amount that replenishes each hour (so now 11 fuel replenishes each hour as you can see in the picture above, it says +11 in green). This booster runs for 24 hours. This run time stacks when you buy the booster several times (so buying it twice will run it for 48 hours). The second booster costs gold and will replenish 2 extra per hour (so +12). This one will also run for 24 hours and again that run time stacks. The last set you can buy enlarges your fuel tank. This influences the maximum amount of fuel you can carry. Normally this is 100, but with the first pack it will be 150. The second pack will even enlarge your tank to be able to carry 300 fuel. Both packs cost gold and will only be valid for one racing season. So when a new season starts your tank will be reset to 100.

Gas station

Others can also challenge you. When you win against them, you get nothing but a few competition horseshoes. It is important to win though, because if you lose when somebody else challenges you, you lose competition points! The higher the league you are in, the more points you lose. In bronze you lose none, in silver you lose one, in gold you lose two and in platinum you lose four every time you got challenged and lost. You can see who challenged you and what the result was on the notice board (second tab). Click the message to see the details of the race. You can also quickly scan the subjects, they will show whether it was a victory, clear victory, loss or clear loss. The difference between normal loss or clear loss does not influence the amount of points you lose.

Tournament news

The prizes you can win while moving up in the leagues exist of dollars, extra fuel, tokens, mystery boxes, horseshoes and seaweed materials. When you stick in the league until the end of the season you can win an amount of gold, a title, some avatars and a trophy. In diamond you also get a unique golden stallion decoration (4×4, 60 happiness). You can view the prizes you will get on the first tab of the notice board. Use the large green arrows to flick through the leagues and the small brown arrows in the league prize section to flick through the different prizes you will get when you end up in that league at the end of the season. In the top left corner you can see for how much longer the season will be running and in the top right corner you can see in which league you are and how many points you have. I am currently in the Gold I league, only a few points away from Platinum V. Next to the season prizes display you can see how many points you get for a win and how many points you lose when others challenge you and you lost against them in the league you selected.

Do note: It is important to understand that you only win points when you challenge somebody else and win. And you only lose points when somebody else challenges you and you lose.

Season overview

Once you successfully finished a season and you got all your season prizes, you can view them on the third tab of the notice board. You can choose which title you want to be shown when others challenge you and which avatar you want others to see. Do note, this avatar will also be shown on your farm above your username (where usually a barn picture is shown). You can set your trophy on the trophy stand on the horse farm (located next to the horse shop).

Season prizes

The horse shop

In the horse shop you can buy horses for gold and/or competition horseshoes. You need to have trained a horse to level 40 for the horse shop to unlock. The horses you can buy usually have better breeding qualities and effects than a horse that you breed or train. They are mostly low level though. Whether it is worth it or not to buy a horse is the question. They are pretty expensive and they do not have such amazing traits that you gain a huge advantage. I personally still think buying a horse in the stable for 10 golden horseshoes and training and breeding it as explained in the horsebreeding 101 article mentioned before is the best way to go.

Horse shop

Extra info

If you want more exact and detailed information about all the buildings and the breeding qualities, values and effects, you can read the official announcements:

The first official announcement explains about the training facilities and the competing against big farm characters. Click to read it.

Here is the full explanation of the official announcement about breeding. Click to read it.

The official announcement explains all the values, qualities and effects a horse can have. Maybe a picture will help you find all the elements better. This is a screenshot of the breeding menu:

Horse breeding

Tips and tricks

Weighted competition values can be calculated as follows (these formula’s represent the question marks on horses of the competition and are values you need to specialize on a certain discipline. Having an all-round horse is best though):
Racing = base level (increased by training to earn XP in the Riding Arena) + (Endurance x 3) + (Strength x 2) + (Agility x 1) + (Speed x 1)
Show Jumping = base level (increased by training to earn XP in the Show Jumping Course) + (Strength x 3) + (Agility x 2) + (Endurance x 1) + (Jump power x 1)
Dressage = base level (increased by training to earn XP in the Riding Circle) + (Agility x 3) + (Endurance x 2) + (Strength x 1) + (Elegance x 1)

“If you struggle to get enough horseshoes to train your horses, never invest in intensive training!
This option was added for those with an abundance of horseshoes to spend, to enable them to get training results that are a little higher than usual. For everybody else, this option is not cost effective.” Nafaru

Upgrading your training areas raises the max for non-intensive training and awards bonus training points, so your training will go faster.

Upgrading your stable awards more stalls. These will be essential as you train higher level horses and need more pairs at different levels.

All trainings are 4 hours in length, so it makes sense to train to your max non-intensive limit most every time to get the most out of your training time.

Partial levels of training do not count, so train until you reach a full level before breeding. It’s ok to train to a partial level if you will be doing more training for that horse in that area again though.

New foals, no matter what their level is, gain the most from their initial trainings. They increase a few levels vs. 1 or 2 for horses that have been in training a few times. So, it pays to breed.

Buying a horse, training it as high as it can get with one non-intensive training in each area, then breeding it with a similarly trained horse seems to be the quickest start to a foal with one bonus breeding effect.

If you want to breed two horses with different levels, make sure they are an even amount of levels apart. This is because on breeding the average of both levels is taken. Having a level 35 and 36, the foal will be 35 and the extra training of the level 36 is waste. Having a level 35 and 37, the foal will be level 36, so the training of the level 37 was helpful.

For breeding, we recommend buying a Goldie, training in each area to level 10 or above (Note: With training areas upgraded to level 5, one non-intensive training in each area brings your Goldy to level 13.), then breeding with another similar horse. This gives you a Level 10 or above (average level of the 2 parents) with a bonus breeding effect.

Next, train that horse (always non-intensive) to level 20 or slightly above. Breed it with a similarly trained horse. This gives you a Level 20ish with two breeding effects.

Continue in this fashion, training and breeding at these benchmarks (or slightly above if your training takes you there):
10, 20, 35, 50, 70, 90
Like this you will always gain breeding effects slots.

Don’t become too attached to your horses. You will be going through a lot of horses with breeding. Naming them may entice you to get attached, so leaving the name to be Goldy is more useful. Bred and trained horses are far better than purchased and trained horses. Bred and trained horses can pass on breeding effects and breeding quality to the foal, as well as breeding value and breeding slots.

There are two different strategies! Try both to see what suits your style.
Strategy 1: Train the offspring using non-intensive training until they reach level 20, then breed them for a foal with two bonus breeding effects. Train their offspring until they reach level 35, then breed them for a foal with 3 bonus breeding effects.
Strategy 2: Train the offspring, training it as high as it can get with one non-intensive training in each area, then breeding it with a similarly trained horse to quickly gain new foals with better stats that require fewer horseshoes to train.

The booktasks

Finally, here is a list of all the (book)tasks you will get in your left hand bar task that deal with the horse stable:

Book 1
Task 1 “Let’s get trotting!”: Have a horse with 13 training points in strength, agility, and endurance – does not have to be all for the same horse)
Reward: 50 greenhouse humus
Task 2 “How about a short race?”: Win against all three characters (level 20)
Reward: $150,000, 300 horseshoes
Task 3 “Let’s get trotting!”: Have a horse with 16 training points in strength, agility, and endurance – does not have to be all for the same horse)
Reward: 50 premium chicken feed, 30 premium pig feed, 10 premium cow feed
Task 4: Win against all three characters
Reward: 100 certificates, 1 tool, 300 horseshoes
Task 5: Have a horse with 20 training points
Reward: 50 premium fertilizer, 4 super humus
Task 6: “A new challenge”: Earn 450 competition horseshoes
Reward: 1000 competition horseshoes, $500,000, 600 horseshoes

Book 2
Task 1 “Fit for breeding”: Have 2* horses with a breeding value of 20 (*task shows 1, but 2 are required)
Reward: 2 mystery boxes, 50 seaweed feed, 1 token
Task 2 “Peak condition”: Start breeding 2 horses with a breeding value of 20 or more
Reward: 600 apples, 450 wheat, 10 premium fertilizer
Task 3 “Fit for breeding”: Have 1 horse with a breeding value of 25
Reward: 60 greenhouse humus, 2 tools, 8 violet seeds
Task 4 “A new challenge”: Earn 600 competition horseshoes
Reward: $500,000, 240 certificates, 300 horseshoes
Task 5 “Fit for breeding”: Have 2* horses with a breeding value of 30 (*task shows 1, but 2 are required)
Reward: 5 rose seeds, 70 greenhouse humus, mystery box
Task 6 “A new challenge”: Earn 1200 competition horseshoes
Reward: 3 tokens, 4 tools, 1,500 competition horseshoes

Book 3
Task 1 “Fit for breeding”: Have 2* horses with a breeding value of 30 (*task shows 1, but 2 are required)
Reward: 150 seaweed feed, 40 seaweed fertilizer, 3 seaweed humus
Task 2 “Peak condition”: Start breeding 2 horses with a breeding value of 30 or more
Reward: 20 premium fertilizer, 5 premium humus
Task 3 “A new challenge”: Earn 1,500 competition horseshoes
Reward: 500 certificates, 4 tools, 2 sunflower seeds
Task 4: “Fit for breeding”: Have 1 horses with a breeding value of 40
Reward: $500,000, 100 greenhouse humus
Task 5: “A new challenge”: Earn 2,500 competition horseshoes
Reward: Maypole (decoration), 700 certificates, 50 seaweed fertilizer

Side Tasks
Have 2 horses with a breeding value of 10
Reward: 250 horseshoes, 30 fertilizer, 2 premium humus
“Your first breeding”: Start breeding 2 horses with breeding value of 10 or more
Reward: 300 horseshoes, 300 apples
“Over hill and dale”: Upgrade the show jumping course to level 2
Reward: 10XP, 30 horseshoes
Upgrade the riding circle to level 2
Reward: 10XP, 30 horseshoes
Upgrade the riding arena to level 2
Reward: 10XP, 30 horseshoes
True talent”: Upgrade the show jumping course to level 3
Reward: 20 XP, 60 horseshoes
“The right technique”: Upgrade the riding circle to level 3
Reward: 20 XP, 60 horseshoes
Upgrade the riding arena to level 3
Reward: 20 XP, 60 horseshoes
Upgrade the show jumping course to level 4
Reward: 40 XP
“Circle of freedom”: Upgrade the riding circle to level 4
Reward: 40 XP
“Time for a bigger arena”: Upgrade the riding arena to level 4
Reward: 40 XP
“Horse whisperer”: Upgrade the show jumping course to level 5
Reward: 60 XP
“Round and round”: Upgrade the riding circle to level 5
Reward: 60 XP
“Endless possibilities”: Upgrade the riding arena to level 5
Reward: 60 XP
“What experts recommend”: Upgrade stable to level 3
Reward: 300 horseshoes
“Crossing and pairing”: Have 1 horse with breeding quality level 1
Reward: $75,000, 3 yellow hibiscus seeds
(From player level 51) “Crossing and pairing”: Have 1 horse with breeding quality level 2
Reward: gold mining license

Hoping this information was useful,

The Larino cooperative

With special thanks to: Alabaster, Pingo and Aedman for sharing their experiences and info and typing most of this post!


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  2. The best blog for information about BF. Hugs from the Brazilian and the Hispanic servers.

  3. Very usefull info. Thank you.

    Does anyone know how to complete “Crossing and pairing”: Have 1 horse with breeding quality level 2 – what kind of horses you need to pair to get to Qlevel2?

    Nicest regards!

    • You need to breed two horses from level 35 or higher to have a chance for a quality 2 horse. Do note that it is not guaranteed, but the higher level the two horses are that you breed (always make sure they are about the same level), the higher the chance you will get a Q2 foal out of them.

      • no larino i have 2 horses with breeding value 50 and if i breed them i will get a horse with breeding quality lvl 1 . i think that the only way is to buy one .

      • Definitely not, Tamer. You can breed a quality 2 horse. Nobody said 2 level 35 horses (or higher) guarantee a quality 2 horse though. There is also a luck factor involved. I said there is a chance you will get one, not guaranteed. People have done it before. I even heard of someone that bred a quality 3 horse.

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