Should I be an open or a closed co-op (open padlock sign)?

Recently a new feature has been added to the game. You as the leader of a co-op now have the opportunity to decide whether you want to have an open or a closed co-op. What is the difference and how do you change this?

An open co-op is a co-op that is free to join by anybody. They can simply click on a join button and come in without having their application assessed by anybody. This also means you have no control over who joins when as long as you leave the option active. You can remove them from the co-op again though. If your motto is: “Anybody can join, the more the merrier,” an open co-op is what you are looking for, since you do not need to go through the extra work of checking and accepting applications. An open co-op can be recognized by an open padlock symbol in the co-op ranking list.

Co-op setting Open setting

A closed co-op allows members to send in an application when they are looking for members. You will need to assess the application and decide whether you want to accept or decline it. A closed co-op that is looking for members can be recognized by a magnifying glass symbol.

Co-op setting Looking setting

Finally there is also a setting that takes your co-op out of the member search. This automatically happens when your co-op is full, but you can also deliberately check this option if you do not want any people coming in, nor sending any applications. As far as I know it is still possible for anybody to send in an application, but your co-op not showing as looking for members or open to join will not trigger them to do so very soon. There is no sign for this setting.

Co-op setting Standard setting

You can change these options from your co-op’s main page, by clicking the gears button (called options when you hover your mouse over it) and it will open this selection menu:

Co-op setting

Hoping to have informed you sufficiently about this option,

The Larino Co-operative


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