The new farm environment

Hello folks! This post will describe all the new and upcoming features on the farm environment. It will hold a lot of info about the airport, the ship and much more! First I will discuss what is up and coming and then I will tell something about each part of the environment separately. The post will not be complete yet because not everything has been implemented and GGS keeps on implementing more every time.

What is up and coming?

In-game we can now see how the environment will be linked. Every element has been unlocked by now, though some are still up for revision and upgrading. Here is a picture of the entire system the way it is supposed to work once everything has been implemented:

Event overview

The airport

The in-game info about the airport says the following: “Eva Apple is expecting you at the airport. From there you can catch the plane to the island farm. At the airport you can exchange your dollars for island dollars so that you can get cracking on the island farm right away!”

To unlock the airport you need to finish 2 tasks. They ask you do donate some certificates (you can win these in missions and they are also used for upgrading your farm machines) and transfer some dollars to the island farm. From then on you can visit the temporary farm and build it up! By now there are two different island farms you can visit when they are running. You will see the Tropical farm, Candy farm and the Viking farm come by from time to time.

The airport

The temporary farms

In-game info on the island farm: “Johnny Apple can’t wait to get to know you and welcome you to the island. What’s more, he’s also looking forward to your help. He sure could do with it to make his latest ideas a reality… Enjoy the brand new tropical island farm – cute animals, exotic decorations and special rewards are waiting for you!”

The island farm is a farm like the ones you already have. The only difference is, it will disappear, wholly, after 30 days. In that respect it is like an event. In those 30 days you try to get as far as possible to win the sand castle decorations and to get the shells. The shells are good for buying the island decorations for your own farms, but will also allow you to buy seeds for the greenhouse. The shells will stay after the farm has been removed, the dollars and goods you still had on the farm will also be sold and transferred into shells. Do not spend more than you want on this farm, because the money will be gone and you will not get it back! I would definitely advise to not use any gold unless you really really want to.

Island farm full

Spreadsheets for the island farm are on the spreadsheets page on this website! (click here)

Recently a new type of farm has been added to this cycle: the Viking farm. It works exactly the same as the island farm and its spreadsheets can be reached through the same link above. The Viking farm looks like this:

Viking farm full

Another new addition is the Northern Lights farm. This farm looks like the Viking farm, but is not the same. It is the Northern Lights, nighttime version of the Viking farm. It even comes with a different set of decos for your decoration tower. So if you are working to fill that tower up, you will have to fill two floors now. One for the Viking farm and one for the Northern Lights farm. The Northern Lights farm looks like this:

Northern Lights farm full farm

And the newest addition is the Candy Farm. It comes with a whole new farm shape (an L shape). The background is the county fair. This farm is a new type of temporary farm, it does not come with task chapters like the other three, but you can either sell candy and collect vouchers to buy seeds, decos and houses for your main farms or you can donate the candy you make to build a candy palace. The candy palace has 15 stages, every 5 completed stages will give you a unique candy palace decoration for your main farms. This is what the farm looks like:

Candy Farm full

Tropical barterShell trader truck

In-game info on the shell trader: “You can swap the seashells you earned on the island farm for great decorations and exotic seeds whenever the seashell trader visits your farm. The precious seeds grow especially well in the greenhouse.”

Benny Buddler is very interested in the shells you earn on the island farm. He offers the island decorations in exchange for shells and he offers the seeds in two varieties. One variety are regular seeds that are cheaper, have a very low yield, and do not take so long to produce. The second variety are special seeds that are more expensive, take a bit longer to produce, but most of all have a very high yield. Which of these things you should buy depend on what you want (do you want to fill the ship, do you want to fill the deco tower, do you want more horseshoes) and the best strategy is debatable.nordic barter truck

Nordic barter: for the Viking farm you earn runestones. Benny, how did you guess, wants those as well. He will give seeds (different ones as compared to the tropical island), Viking decorations and a Viking residence house in exchange. Here is a picture of the Nordic barter truck that will ask for runestones:

Sweet dealsSweet deals
: For the Candy farm you earn vouchers. Benny, yes again, wants those vouchers. He sells seeds (again a different set), candy decorations and a Candy house. This is what his Sweet deal truck looks like:

The greenhouse

In-game info on the greenhouse: “In the greenhouse you can sow the seashell trader’s exotic seeds and grow tropical fruits. Captain Barnacle is sure to get wind of this news and guide his ship to your harbour. He loves shipping tropical fruits all over the world!”

The greenhouse allows you to sow the seeds you buy from Benny Buddler in his shell/rune/voucher trader truck. You can sow two types of seeds (specials and regular) and get fruits out of it. The fruits cannot be sold. The only way to use the fruits is by delivering them to the ship and getting horseshoes and XP out of them.


The ship

In-game info on the ship: “When Captain Barnacle’s ship docks in the harbour, he’ll ask you for different products to ship. Help him load all the products he asks for onto his ship. Your rewards will be, among other things, horseshoes – and where could you put them to better use than on a horse ranch? On the ranch you will soon able to train your own horse!”

The ship can ask for many different products from all three farms. It has 6 slots that can be filled. The first 4 slots are only for farm products. For every 2 products you manage to fill the ship with you get a dollar and XP reward. The last two slots need to be unlocked by purchasing the airport at the start of an island event. If you do not buy that airport, you can only fill up the first 4 slots and the ship will sail off. If you did unlock the last 2 but only manage to fill the first 4 the ship will wait for the full 6 hours before sailing off. The last 2 slots only provide extra horseshoes and some XP for filling both, they do not offer any dollars.

This ship shows that the last 2 slots are still locked because the airport has not been unlocked and the island event has not been started:

ship new locked

This ship shows that the last 2 slots are unlocked. Also take notice of the little green arrows besides each slot. With these you can choose the amount of fruits you want to deliver in one go. The more you deliver, the more horseshoes you get, but you will also run out of fruits much quicker. Which is the best strategy is up to you and debatable.

ship new unlocked

Do note: with the new Viking farm, the ship will alter between Tropical fruits and Viking fruits! If you do not want the ship to ask for a different kind of fruit because you have no seeds for those and are not planning to fully play the island, do not unlock that farm! Unlocking a farm by paying the certs needed to do so will trigger the ship to start asking for the type of fruits that belong to that particular temporary farm. The same counts for the new Candy farm.

The horse ranch

In-game info on the horse ranch: “If you successfully complete this event, there is a truly special treat in store for you: your own horse ranch with a large paddock for the horses to run about, a riding area for training and some cosy stables where your animals can feel at home. To give your new farm residents a fitting welcome, you should make sure you have a few horseshoes handy.” (By ‘event’ GGS means the entire cycle of steps you should do to get to the horse ranch as shown in the picture at the top of this post, called event overview)

The horse ranch is quite elaborate and got its own page. You can find all info about the horse stable here: (click)

If you want to read about how to train and breed your horses successfully, check this page: (click)

Enjoy these new features and I will write again soon!

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