Messages: What does my fellow player see when I…

This post will show several messages and tool tips some people would like to know about or would never see because they are, for example, leader of a cooperative for all their Big Farm lives already. Here are all the answers!

… put him on ignore?

The person that has been put on ignore can still write a message, but when he clicks the send button this is what happens:

Ignored by player

… send an invitation to him to join my co-op?

The player will get an automated invitation message with an accept and a decline button. When they accept they are immediately added to the co-op. This is what the message looks like:


And what happens when the player declines this invitation?

Well that answer is unfortunately pretty easy: nothing. Nothing happens when they click on decline. The message will be erased from their inbox, but the co-op does not get any notice of them declining. Want to send another invitation, whether the first one was declined or not? Sure, go ahead, you could spam somebody’s inbox with invitations if you wanted! Now the question is: do you really want that?

… reject an application and type a reason?

When you get applications in your co-op and you want to reject them, the player will get an automated message with a reason if you gave any. I assume, if I type no reason, that part of the message will just be left out. This is an example of a message with reason:


And what happens when this player wants to apply to our co-op again?

If the player wants to apply again within 24 hours after they got the rejection message, they get to see a timer that tells them to wait until it runs out before they can apply again. Of course this is to avoid that players will apply to a co-op 20 times a day after getting rejected over and over again (and co-ops can go invite galore on other players? Yes they can – weird system ain’t it?) Here is a picture of a re-apply countdown clock:




Hoping to have helped you with this information,

The Larino Cooperative


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