Achievements and stickers

This post will deal with achievements and stickers. What are achievements? How many levels do they have? How do I put the stickers Achievement buttonin my sticker book? These and many more questions will be answered. Let’s first start with the achievements themselves, go ahead and click the achievement button in your farm menu (that one ->)

Whenever you achieve a new level in an achievement you will see a red exclamation mark on that button, notifying you that
achievements pop-out 2something new happened in your sticker collection. Whenever you reach a new level, you also see a trophy pop up on the right side of the screen. If there is a purple gift box with it, you have also gained a new reward, if there is a sticker pack with it, you have also unlocked a new sticker pack. When there is a new reward, you can click on the gift box in the achievements menu to collect your reward. The gift box will appear on the right side of the next reward part of the menu:

Achievements New reward

The achievements

When opening the achievement menu you will see two tabs. We will first go to the second tab.

Achievements second tab

On this tab you see several things. First of all your achievement level. In the red circle you see a green star. This is your achievement level. Every time you level up, you get a reward. Next to the red circle you can see the amount of AP (achievement points) you already have. In the blue circles you see two ways to check how many AP you need to go to the next level. The upper blue circle shows you how many AP you still need, this tooltip is shown when you hover your mouse over the green bar that shows the amount of AP you already have. The lower blue circle shows the total amount of AP you need until you level up and get your reward. There you also see which reward you will get. The total amount needed on this farm is 1167. It has 1165. That means it needs only 3 AP to go to the next level, which is the exact amount the tooltip in the upper blue circle shows. Now there is one more thing, the green rectangle. That rectangle shows a sticker pack that has not been unlocked yet. In order to start collecting stickers, you need to unlock it. When you reach the correct level, the sticker pack unlocks, but you cannot start collecting yet. You need to click it to do so, so check in regularly if you can click any new sticker packs already. Every time new sticker packs are added, you also need to check if they are locked or unlocked and click them to start collecting for them.

Now about the achievements on this tab. You see 4 grey squares. This means the achievements have not reached level 1 yet. They are all on level 0. When you click one of the grey squares you can read details and you will most likely also see a progress bar, indicating that you already started collecting for it. Now let’s check on a sticker that is coloured in already, the egg sticker:

Achievements detail

I went back 2 pages on the same tab (you see the second tab has still been selected) and I went to the first sticker pack. If I click the last sticker of that first pack (or first row) I can see the details on the right. The sticker also has a green outline, indicating I selected it. On the right you can see how much you have already collected in the progress bar. You can also see how many AP this sticker will give you when it levels up (black circle). If you want to know how many levels this sticker still has to go until it is completed, you hover your mouse over the trophy. The trophy is still silver, because the sticker has not completed yet. It still has 5 levels to go, to a maximum of level 10, which you can read from the 5/10 the tooltip shows in the orange circle. Once the sticker reaches level 10, the trophy turns gold, like the two green stickers on the left side already have.

The sticker book

Now we have discussed the achievements, we can discuss the sticker book. Click on the first tab to view it.

Achievements sticker book

On the right side of this tab you see the next 4 rewards you will earn and the amount of AP you need to get them. Use the arrows next to this list to scroll up and down to see even more possible rewards and to see which rewards you already won (marked green like the lowest reward with the water drops.) Now there are 3 buttons you can use here. The button in the pink circle will open a page in which you can compare the levels of your achievements with those from fellow co-op members. If you are not in a co-op you cannot do this. The button in the light blue circle will allow you to view the AP rankings and see how many AP other players on your server already have. In this sticker book 12 stickers are placed, which you can see on the left. Under that is a button with a pen (purple circle). To edit this book and add new stickers or update the stickers already in it, you click this button. After clicking you see this menu:

Achievements edit stickers

Now there are a lot of colourful stickers. The left side is the sticker book. The right side holds all the stickers you own. You can see there are 2 stickers greyed out on the right and coloured on the left. These stickers are placed in my sticker book. The coloured stickers on the right are not in my sticker book. My sticker book is full at the moment, but what if I want to get rid of the purple dog sticker on the bottom right of my sticker book (the coloured one) and replace it by the yellow pig sticker on the far right of my list of stickers? I would place my mouse on the pig sticker, hold the mouse button, drag it to the place of the dog sticker and let go. Now the pig sticker is in the place of the dog sticker and the dog sticker popped back on its place on the far right of my sticker list (on the place of the in the picture still grey sticker). If you use the arrows on the left, you can scroll through the entire list of available stickers. A sticker needs to be at least level 1 to show in the list. If it is level 0 and grey on the second tab, you cannot place it in your sticker book yet. After you finished making a selection of 12 stickers you like best and placed them in your sticker book in the order you want, you need to be careful. Always click on Save and never on the red cross top right. I put a big red circle around the save button. If you click on the cross, namely, all stickers will pop back to the left and your sticker book is empty (or the way it was before you changed it). I did that several times already and you will need to edit again, you do not want that to happen.

Hoping to have informed you enough about this game feature,

The Larino co-op.


2 thoughts on “Achievements and stickers

    • The shovel system is based on co-op projects. It averages 5 run co-op projects, weighing the 4 best projects (for the member they represent) and the latest project the heaviest. They also take into account which level you are, what your farm can digest and some other secret stuff. The member that had the best results of all will get the golden shovel and fork at least until the next project has ran and a new calculation has been made in which he may or may not keep it for another round. In short: the formula is top secret and difficult to guess. To win the golden shovel and fork you have to work very hard in every project to contribute as much as possible.

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