Choosing difficulty in events

I have read the question “I heard you can choose a different difficulty in events, why was that option not given to me?” many times and therefore I would like to explain this one more time, thoroughly.

The rule is: You can only choose difficulty when you have already earned the 74 happiness deco of the event that is running at that time.

What is this choosing difficulty about?

The difficulty of the event changes with your level. Levels 16-27 get the Stable Boy difficulty with a decoration worth 54 happiness. Levels 28-42 get the Farm Worker difficulty with a decoration worth 64 happiness. Levels 43 and higher get the Big Farmer difficulty with a decoration worth 74 happiness. If you managed to finish this last level you unlock the Farm Specialist level with a decoration worth 78 happiness and a special design.

If I cannot choose difficulty before I have the 74 happiness deco, then why did they implement this?

This was implemented for the high levels that did not win the 54 and 64 happiness deco yet, to have another chance to win them to complete the deco tower. With the ability to choose levels you also unlock the possibility to run an even more difficult event for a 78 happiness deco. This system was not set up for those that find the events too difficult, sorry! Make good use of the spreadsheets and set up your farm accordingly to have the best chance of getting through the 3rd difficulty level.

What does it look like when I can choose difficulty?

When an event offers you to choose difficulty you see this screen right after you clicked the event car/scene:

Farm Specialist level

You can click on either of the levels available to do an easier level to get that decoration or to run the extra difficult Farm Specialist level as selected above.

You can find the spreadsheets for all levels in this binder, so you can plan ahead and choose wisely: (click)

Good luck in your next event!

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2 thoughts on “Choosing difficulty in events

  1. This page needs updated because I was able to choose lvl to play and now I can’t. I have finished lvl 3 for all events They made a change somewhere, at sometime, because now there are two deco’s to choose from, it’s been awhile since I tried the events so I don’t know when the changes were made.

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