Sales cars

Once in a while cars come by that have stuff to sell. In this post I will discuss what they sell and if it is worth it to buy. This post is directed towards non-gold buyers.

Benny Buddler and his Special OfferBenny buddler special offer 1

Benny Buddler sometimes hops by with some special offers. He offers super feed, fertilizer and humus and mystery boxes. I will list the prices below for anybody that would like to know when he is not around:

  • Mystery box: 250 gold per piece
  • Super chicken feed: 53 gold per 10
  • Super pig feed: 120 gold per 10
  • Super cow feed: 675 gold per 10
  • Super goat feed: 315 gold per 10
  • Super donkey feed: 580 gold per 10
  • Super duck feed: 950 gold per 10
  • Super fertilizer: 735 gold per 10
  • Super humus: 350 gold per piece

Now is this worth it?

First of all about the mystery boxes: they can give you basically anything. From dollars and XP to exclusive decorations. The decoration you could get is a very good decoration with a high happiness, but it also has a low chance of popping out. You could also get a mining licence and some super feed or fertilizer, which is sometimes cheaper to get through a mystery box than by just buying it from Benny.

If you are saving your gold for something, I would say no, do not buy anything from Benny. If you already managed to buy a water tower, upgrade the dog house and buy any other things you want and you have some spare gold you may try a mystery box. The super feed and fertilizer yields 20% more products, but seen from the fact that you can use it once and then it is gone, you may want to consider investing in a library book. Library books also yield higher, but they are permanent and can be used forever. The super humus yields 200% extra crops. If you really see a use for these items and you have some spare gold, you can buy them. If not, just pass on this offer.

Benny buddler special offer 2


Omar Al-Tajer and his bazaarOmar trading 2

Omar will visit us roughly every week. He has a circling system of offers that switch every 10 minutes. You can already see what the next offer will be when the current one is still counting down. Keep an eye on him to get the best offers.

What does he offer?

Omar offers a variety of products. Most of the time the offers follow a pattern. That is: one dollar offer, one product offer, one dollar offer, one product offer, etc. The dollar offers are there for those that have more gold than dollars and would like a dollar injection. You can buy more dollars by paying gold. For non-gold players: this is definitely not worth it. It is a waste of your gold and the trade is usually pretty bad. Setting up your farm to make more dollars is more worthwhile and works similar to what I told about super feed. Buying dollars is one time and after using them they are gone. Setting up your farm for the better is permanent and will constantly yield more dollars. Do note: sometimes Omar offers 50,000 or 100,000 dollars completely for free! Yes, we want this, of course we do! Keep an eye on that 100% discount offer, it may not come by often, but free dollars are always a good thing, right?

The product offers are very wide spread. It goes from premium feed and fertilizer to mining licences. The best things Omar offers, in my opinion, are:

  • Single mining licence (buy for 1500 gold, pay 2000 gold in mine, get 4000 gold – 500 gold profit!!)
  • Mix pack (5 tokens and 1 mining licence – buy for 2555 gold, 555 gold loss, but may be worth it when you have some spare gold and get lucky in Monty’s wheel of fortune with the tokens you got)
  • Sunflower seeds (both single and in a pack they are worth it – you can use them in the bee event and they sell for a high price. If you do not have spare gold – rather not buy. Single they cost about 2000 gold for 4 seeds, in a pack they cost about 4000 gold for 5 seeds and 5 super humus)
  • Garden pump decoration (cost about 4000 gold, 3×4 decoration with good happiness for its size, buy when you have some spare gold)

Less useful products Omar offers are the following (you can buy these if you have spare gold and see any use in them. Otherwise, just let them be):

  • Violet seeds (come both in a pack with super humus and single)
  • Rose seeds (both in pack and single)
  • Super or premium feed (also come in packs or single)
  • Super or premium fertilizer/humus (packs or single)
  • Tokens for the wheel of fortune (different amount packs)
  • Water for the nursery (several different amounts)

You can skip the current offer if you really want the next one to come faster, but this of course also costs gold. For non-gold buyers I would definitely not recommend doing this. Try to be patient and wait for the offer to come, certainly with the single mining licence. Skipping towards it will reduce your profit margin on it.

Omar trading


Monica Moneybags and the news from the trading floor or hot deals

Monica Latest tr fl 1

Monica usually pops up when the Architect is around. She only offers dollars for gold, just like Omar does for half of his trades. For non-gold buyers this is not interesting, for the same reasons I mentioned with Omar. However, if you do need just a bit more dollars to make good use of the Architect and you have some spare gold, go check her out. She may have bad trades, in my opinion, but she could come to the rescue in these situations. Monica has 2 events, although I haven’t seen the hot deals in a while, so I think Omar took over on the hot deal part. Her news from the trading floor event offers 4 types of offers, all day long, while her hot deals cycled just like Omar’s deals do. Monica is also the woman you see on any prime time/happy hour offer that pops up regularly.

Monica Latest tr fl


Hoping to have helped you with this information,

The Larino Cooperative



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