Long term events

Once in a while GGS offers new flags in long term events. Examples of these events are the Birthday event, the Christmas event and the Easter event. The new event with Piggles the pig can be counted under these long term events. It only takes 3 days while the other three events I mentioned took about 2 weeks, but they all require you to do one thing: gather enough collectibles within the given time. I will discuss them below.

Big Farm’s first birthday

During the first anniversary of GGS Big Farm an event was running in which we had to complete a float for the birthday parade. The collectibles that drop from this event are glue, paint, flowers and other materials for the float from any building on the farm. The event ran for 2 weeks (14 days) and the final reward was a birthday flag.

Birthday flag description

Big Farm’s second birthdayBig farm 2 year anniversary

For the second birthday of big farm the event came back, asking you to do the same, but offering a slightly different reward in the form of a re-designed flag. It ran for 14 days again and you could buy 10 float pieces for 250 gold in case you would not make it.

Birthday event 2

2 year anniversary eventReward anniversary

Happy Easter event

The Easter event has dropped by twice already. The first time the event ran we could win a bird house decoration. The second time a pretty Easter flag was added to the reward. It also runs for 2 weeks (14 days) and drops Easter eggs from any building on the farm.Easter egg 4

Easter egg event

Easter event reward

Trick or treat Halloween eventHalloween event 2

The Halloween event wants us to go and find candy for George. We had about 18 days to find all the candy to fill all George’s bags. It was a lot this time, but luckily a lot of candy would drop with each harvest. At the end we would get a real spooky castle decoration and a Halloween flag. A new feature was also added, we were able to buy several other new spooky decos for our farms, of which 1 gold deco and 2 dollar decos.

Halloween candy 6

Halloween event

Halloween event 4

Merry Christmas eventChristmas event car

The Christmas event wants us to help George find his Christmas decorations to decorate the Christmas tree in time. These decorations drop from any building on the farm. The event runs about 2.5 weeks (18 days) and provides us with a winter flag and a decorated Christmas tree decoration.

Gift box roodDecorated tree description Winter flag description

In the second year the event was the same, but the reward different. The event ran for 28 days and offered a differently designed christmas tree and winter flag.

Christmas event 2nd year

Christmas event reward 2nd year

Save Piggles eventSave Piggles 1

The save Piggles event tells us the sad story about the pig Piggles that was saved by Vicky Ventura from bad owners, but unfortunately got very ill. In order to make the pig better Vicki needs herbs and fast! The event runs for about 3 days and it drops herbs from fields and orchards. The reward is a life saver flag and some violet seeds.Herb 2

Save Piggles 2

Save Piggles 4

Hoping to have helped you with this information,

The Larino Cooperative


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