How much does the research cost?

I have seen some questions from co-op leaders that weren’t sure about the research costs for their members. This post will explain which costs there are and how much your members are likely paying to the research.

First of all I would like to explain the research tab menu and what all the elements on it mean.

Research menu
(click the picture to enlarge)

The circles bottom right all have a colour – I will explain what each piece of data in each circle stands for before I go into more detail about some of these elements:

  • Orange: This is the total amount of researchers needed to sign up
  • Light blue: Clicking this button will open a menu with research slots to sign up
  • Dark blue: The approximate duration of the research when started
  • Red: The amount of money the person that views this data is paying for a research slot
  • Green: The starting fee you need to pay to start the research with – if the symbol goes with a dollar pack you pay dollars, if it goes with gold coins you need to pay with gold
  • Black: The start button, only deputies and the leader can use this button when the research is ready to start

About the orange and light blue circle

The amount of researchers needed to sign up should ideally be equal or less than the amount of members in your co-op. Everybody can sign up once with dollars until the research has finished. So over all, over all the available researches, only one slot is available with dollars. Once that slot has been filled, you can only use gold until the research the dollars have been paid to has completed and then a new dollar slot will open up for single use. Personally I would discourage using gold to sign up, because there are so much better ways to spend your hard earned gold on and unless a member really wants to pay gold for a slot I usually discourage them to use gold on researches.

About the red circle

Every one of your members sees a different amount here! That is because the amount you pay for a research slot is dependent from your level. The farm this screen shot was taken of is level 52 and pays around and about 80,000 dollars for any research available (this amount differs a bit for certain research types, but is usually about the same). On my level 97 farm I would pay about 200,000 for the same research. Every time you level up, the amount you pay becomes higher, so sometimes it may be wise to sign up for a new research (if possible) right before you level up so you still pay a lower price for that research.

About the green circle

This is the starting fee the research needs. As you can see it is a red number at the moment for the screen shot research. That means there is not enough money in the co-op accounts to pay for the starting fee of this research. Let’s take a look how much there is in the co-op accounts though:

Handshake tab research


In the black circle you can see this co-op only has 56,000 dollars in its account. The research needs 435,000 though. At this moment I would ask my members to please donate into the co-op accounts using the button next to the black circle. I could equally divide the amount over all my members and ask them to donate exactly that, I could also ask them to donate what they think is do-able for their farm and if the amount is not enough, ask the higher levels to donate just a bit more to reach the correct amount. In the white circle you see the amount of gold the co-op owns – some researches cost gold instead of dollars, the amount of gold in the white circle pays for those researches.

Here is a spreadsheet available for free download in which you can see most of the starting fees of all the possible researches: (click)

I hope this will help you understand the researches and their cost a bit better and allow you to set up a good strategy for your co-op.


The Larino Co-op


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