How do I accept applications?

New leaders of cooperatives may wonder how they should add players to their cooperative. There are several ways to do so. In this post several questions will be answered. Where do I find applications? What do I do if somebody is interested in my co-op but does not know how to apply? How do I find members and what should I look for in a member?

Accepting applications

First of all I will start with accepting applications. On the first tab of your co-op (the handshake tab) is a button with a person with a red jacket. Applicant button

Only you as a leader and your deputies can see this button and click on it. It opens a menu that may show several applications. The applicants have written a short message for you indicating why they would like to join your co-op. Most of the time, though, this is the standard message: ‘I would like to join your co-op’. It looks like this:

Application window 2

In this window are several icons. I will explain what they mean.

  • Blue star: the level of the applicant
  • Farm house: amount of farms the applicant owns
  • Blue ribbon: amount of Reputation Points the applicant gained in missions
  • Green star: amount of achievement points the applicant has gained through achievements
  • Envelope with pen button: send this applicant a message
  • Green arrow right: visit the applicants farm
  • Green thumb up: accept this applicant into the co-op
  • Red thumb down: reject this application

For you as a recruiter the level and the visit farm button are most important. Check if this person is active ( you could also use the achievement level and RP for this ) and send him a message to make sure he understands what you as a co-op want from him. You can see this applicant tells me in Portuguese he would like to join my co-op. The text belongs to the application from Player 1. If you want to know what Player 2 has told you, you click on his application block on the left and the details for his application will appear on the right. I would reject the application of our Portuguese applicant because our co-op only accepts English speaking players and he is a bit too low level for us. When clicking reject I get a new menu that asks me to fill in a reason for rejecting this application:


I would type: “Unfortunately you are too low level, had a standard application and this co-op accepts only English speaking players” and then hit send. What we would like to see and what I also advise applicants to do is that this person had read the co-op description and changed his standard application message into an English one. It would be even better to type an actual reason to join the co-op than simply translate what he wrote: I would like to join your cooperative.

On the positive side, if you would click accept, the player will instantly be added to your cooperative. Congratulations, you got a new member!

Inviting a person into the co-op

Now what happens when a person has let you know they would like to join, you want to add them, but they have no clue how to apply to your co-op? You could have had an in-game message or found somebody on the forums or maybe your friend started playing and would like to join.

The first thing to keep in mind with forum finds and friends that started playing is that they need to be on the same server as you. If your co-op is on the US server and your friend or this forum person is on the UK server, you will not be able to add this person to your co-op. There is no way to solve this, except if you start a new co-op on the UK server or your applicant starts a new farm on the US server. More informations on servers can be found here: (click)

After you convinced yourself this person is on the correct server you will do a search for him in the rankings. The rankings can be reached through several ways, I will mention only one here, you can look for the others yourself. Click in the three people button and from the menu that pops up you choose for the icon with a stage or podium on it. The rankings will open for you. The rankings have 2 tabs, an individual player ranking tab and a cooperative ranking tab. You want to look for an individual player, so you keep that tab selected. Now you type in the exact name in the search bar. If you copy that name from the forums, take the signature name, because a forum name can have an extra number added. If the rankings say that player does not exist, delete the last number you typed and try again. If they still not find him, check the spelling of the whole name again to make sure you did not make any mistake. When the rankings do find this person, you click on their name and a little menu will pop up. In that menu you will see several buttons. You can send this person a message, put him on your ignore list, view his sticker book with achievement points and – most important for this article – invite him to the co-op. The button looks like this:

Invite member

This button is also available from your co-op’s main tab. If you click on it there the rankings will open as well and you can do a search as described above. After you clicked this button the person will get a message in which they can click an accept button. Only from the moment they clicked that button they will be added to your co-op. This may take a while! Here is an example of the message your applicant will get, sent from one of my training co-ops:


What if this button is not available in the person’s menu? If the person is already in a co-op you will see a different button. The co-op info button. You can click this button to view the co-op menu of the co-op this person is in. Do you still want to add them to your co-op? Send them a message and ask if they are still interested in joining you and if so, ask them to please leave the co-op they are currently in. Let them know about the door button on the co-op’s main tab if they do not know how to leave.

How to find members and what should you look for in a member?

One of the ways to find members is going to the forums. In the ‘cooperatives looking for members’ forum you can write a nice text about your co-op and try to motivate players to check out your co-op and apply. In the ‘players looking for cooperatives’ forum you can check the applications people posted. The first thing you check is the server. After that you check the text of the application. Is this person suitable for your co-op? Then you look them up in the rankings in-game to see if they are already in a co-op and send them a message if they are interested in yours. Sending a message is important. Some players only want a co-op to finish their task, but want nothing to do with all the tasks and responsibilities. They will most likely not respond to your message. For a co-op it is not very nice if somebody does not communicate and help out. Therefore I advice players to let the co-ops know what you want. If you just want to complete your task, that is fine, but just let it know.

The second way to find members is to look in the rankings for players that do not have a cooperative. There is a tricky part about this strategy, some players actively chose not to join a co-op and do not appreciate being asked time after time to please join. Therefore, always stay civil with these players. Ask nicely and politely and write down their names if they say no so you do not accidentally send them another message! You can also check for players in the missions you are in. Is somebody very active in a mission? Look them up in the rankings, they may not have a co-op yet. The lower the level of these persons, the more success you will probably have. This strategy is quite some work and it will take very long to find players that do not have a co-op yet. Be patient if you choose to look for members like this.

One more tip I can give is advertise your co-op. People are more likely to check you out if you made it known to the world that you exist. Helping players in the forums is a good way to spread your ‘business card’. Put the co-op’s name and a nice slogan or some information in your signature – do make sure the server is mentioned in there as well and start answering questions in the forums. Welcome new players that post in the player introductions forums. The more people get to know you, the better and they may be interested in joining your co-op.

Of course these strategies are based more on very active co-ops that want to climb in the rankings than the laid back co-ops that just want to have some fun. It really depends on you how much work you want to give yourself and how active your team should be. Maybe you do not mind players playing only a few days in the week – in that case you can just accept applications your co-op gets and see how it works out. Do get ready for a lot of removing of inactive players if you decide to use this strategy. And remember, finding members isn’t easy, you need to persevere if you want to have a nice group of hard working farmers.


Hoping to have helped you with these tips,

The Larino Cooperative


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