About the smaller events

We all know there are big events like Here’s to Nature, Mysterious Asia or A Hint of Hawaii. But there are also some smaller events running in between. This post will tell you all about them.

An accident! An accident thumbnail

Vicky the vet has accidentally lost some feed for the animal hospital. The truck had an accident and all the bags of feed have been scattered all over the place – ruined. Now what? Vicky has an idea. If you could donate some of your own feed to the animal hospital, the animals would be really happy and you will get a reward in return for your most generous deed!

An accident

What do I need to do?

When you click on the car, you can see two types of feed and a timer. The timer shows how much time you have left to donate the correct amount of feed and get your reward. Under the feed is a hand with an arrow pointing towards it and a gold shopping cart. Now you can do two things. You can donate the feed you have by clicking on the hand. The slider will allow you to donate just that what you can afford at the time. Wasn’t that the full amount yet? Don’t worry, you have got time to produce more until the timer runs out. You could also click on the gold shopping cart to buy the feed with gold – it will directly be donated to Vicky and the task will complete.

What is the reward I will get?

You will get 1 extra XP point for each stable you harvest within 24 hours after completing the event.

An accident reward

Is this worth it?

I would say, if you have enough feed anyway and are overproducing it, yes, just donate it and get those extra XP. Are you having a hard time keeping up your feed stock, I would not recommend you to donate to the event. You could donate bits and pieces to also keep your animals running though. The idea is, when you have donated, you need enough feed to keep your animals running to make good use of your reward! Is this worth spending gold on? If you are swimming in money, why not, it will help you level up a little faster. If you are playing with game gold, no, not worth it. Better leave it be if the normal way of donating is not possible for you.

The wheel of fortuneWheel of fortune thumbnail

Monty is here! He is offering a spin on the wonderful wheel of fortune, which may provide you with awesome prices. Did you manage to get into the bonus round? You may get even better prices!

What can I win?

In the normal round there is a possibility of:

  • xxx amount of crops (corn, wheat, cabbage)
  • xxx extra tokens
  • xxx amount of regular feed (cow, chicken, pig)
  • xxx amount of premium feed (cow, chicken, pig)
  • xxx amount of dollars
  • xxx amount of dung
  • a regular decoration

Monty 2

In the jackpot round you could win:

  • A gold decoration
  • A gold mining licence
  • A special hammock decoration
  • A special scare crow decoration
  • xxx amount of rose seeds
  • xxx amount of sunflower seeds

Monty 1

How do I play this?

To get into the jackpot round, you need to have spun the wheel 8 times. You can see the star moving forward in the ring around the wheel when you spin it. Once the star has moved 8 parts forward it will fill up the entire ring and you will be given one free spin in the jackpot round. But do note, once you have spun 3 times and it is time for Monty to go, the wheel will be reset for the next time he visits! If you had not spun, the tokens will stay in your inventory until the next time he visits. The best thing to do, therefore, is save your tokens until you have at least 8Token web

What about the new ranking system?

Recently a new ranking system has been added. If you end up in the top 500 when the wheel leaves, you get 48 hours of double XP points for harvesting, building and upgrading. Anything you build or upgrade will give the double amount of XP. All buildings and crops that give XP when sowing (roses, mill, composter, etc) will give the double amount of XP as well. This double amount will already be calculated into the info tool tips! Therefore you cannot check the info button to see what the original amount of XP would have been – it will not show you that amount any more. Besides the double XP you will also get a bronzen Monty flag.

When you end up in the top 50 you get the XP bonus and a leprechaun decoration. The leprechaun decoration has 31 happiness points and is 3×3 large. Besides these two prices you will also get a silver Monty flag.

When you end up in the top 5 you will get the double XP, the leprechaun deco and an Irish chicken coop! The Irish chicken coop produces more eggs than a regular chicken coop and it looks, well, Irish. The green roofed coop, including its own little leprechaun to pick up the eggs for you is fully upgradable and acts like the better version of a normal chicken coop. How much better? Just a couple of more eggs. Whether you really want it or not is up to you! Besides all these prices you will also get a golden Monty flag.

Do note, you will need many more than 8 tokens to get anywhere near the top 500. Imagine how many you need to get into the top 5. Be sure to save for a long time or use gold to buy the tokens if you cannot wait.

How do I get more tokens?

Monty will give you one free token every time he visits. Technically, that would mean you were waiting for 8 visits to get a jackpot round. However, you do have a very small chance a token pops up in one of your fields while harvesting. The same low chance is for a token popping up out of a mystery box. Do not count on it too much though! Once you spun the wheel for the first time, you have a chance of winning some tokens as well, so you will have some tokens left for the next time and it will not take so long to save up again. Lately tokens can also be won in events, like No pain, no gain; the Cooperative Championships and the Horse racing Season. And finally, for all those that cannot wait to get into a jackpot spin, you can buy them with gold of course. You can buy a package from the wheel itself and usually a prime day/spending/hot deal runs, which gives you several tokens as a bonus when you buy some more gold with real money. Cannot afford to pay gold? Then be patient and save up your free tokens!

Where are my bees?Bee event

Eva has lost her bees! Ten of them have last been seen wandering around on your farm. Please catch them and return them to Eva!

How many bees do I need and where can I see how many I have?

If you open the car, you will see a hive. That hive has black outlines of bees on it. Is a bee coloured in? That means you successfully caught it and locked it back up in the hive for Eva to bring home!

Where do I find the bees?

The bees will drop randomly from your fields. The event has been proven difficult – which means you need to be pretty active to collect all 10 of them before the timer in the car runs out. One hint: sunflowers have until now proven to have a 100% drop rate. That means, if you sow a field of sunflowers and you harvest it in time you will be guaranteed that field drops one bee. When a bee drops it will look like this:

Bee webWhat will be my reward?

As a reward you will receive 20 rose seeds and 5 super humus (level 20 and higher – below level 20 will receive 10 rose seeds and 5 super humus).

Bee event 2

Bee event 3

The charity drive

Rita is planning to help the orphans in the orphanage, but she needs money to be able to do so. Where is she going to get that money? From you of course! Donate as much as you can afford and she will reward you with a special telescope decoration.

Which telescope will I get?

There are 4 types of telescopes. The simple telescope, the beautiful telescope, the valuable telescope and the rare telescope.


Which type you will get depends on how much you donated. The Rare telescope is only a reward for the top 3 players. Therefore you will have to compete with the best and spend many many millions to stay at the top. The other three types can be gained by donating towards a certain base amount. This works like this:

  • Between 1 till 48 happiness you will get a simple telescope
  • Between 49 and 64 happiness you will get a beautiful telescope
  • Above 65 happiness you will get a valuable telescope unless you rank 3rd or better (in which case you get a rare telescope).

Do note, these happiness values are base values. Depending on your rank you will get a bonus. You get 0 extra happiness points when you rank 1000 or lower. You get 1 extra happiness point when you rank between 100 and 1000. You get 5 extra happiness points when you rank between 4 and 100. You get 10 extra happiness points when you rank 3rd or higher. If you go for a certain telescope graphic make sure the base amount is at least the lowest happiness value or a bit higher to be safe. If you do not donate towars the base amount, you may drop in rankings near the end and just lose those extra happiness points and with that also lose your nice graphic!

How does donating work?

You click on the outstretched hand on the green button and a new menu with a slide scale will pop up. Slide the scale until you have the amount of money you want to donate or the amount of points you want. You can also select the amount below the scale and type over it with the amount of money you want to donate. You do not need to donate a lot to have a nice telescope that is already better than a lake. But if you want it to get high happiness, the higher the happiness, the more you need to donate. A full chart of amount of money and happiness points can be found in the helpful guide Prince Manish wrote – he also repeats some of the explanations I did here. (click here)

Orphanage charity drive 2What happens after I donated?

After you donated you will be placed in the rankings and you will see the happiness your telescope will have at the side when you hover over the smiley figure. Now you can wait until the time has run out to get this telescope or donate more over time if you would like. You do not need to donate all at once, so you have some time to recover and save more money. You can also donate towards a certain rank, in that case check in regularly to see how much you have dropped and donate more to get back to the rank you want. Be very careful at the end, most people donate lots more at the end to stay in their wanted rank, so you will be dropping rapidly in the last couple of minutes.

Before donating, the menu looks like this:

Orphanage charity drive 1After I donated the rankings had to update first, so a timer could be seen, after the timer of several seconds had run out the rankings looked like this:

Orphanage charity drive 5You can see that my telescope has a base value of 52 and it gets 5 extra points because I rank between 4 and 100, so the total value would be 57 for now.

Good luck in these events!



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