The redecorating tool

Need some help re-arranging your farm? Cannot see where the gaps are or how to fit your buildings and decorations more tightly? This tool can help!

This post contains two tools. The second tool is more up to date, but a little less easy to use. Scroll down to read the details for the second tool!

AISA’s Redecorating tool

oAISAo has made the very handy redecorating tool that will allow you to make a pre-lay-out for your farm in 2D before re-arranging, so you can fit in as many buildings as possible. You can open the tool from her site here: Redecorating Tool (click) Simply click on the ‘redeco tool’ button and it will open in a new tab for you.

The website is back up for us to visit and open the tool. In case anything goes wrong in the future, we will have the back-up link (outdated dropbox file) from this kind French player over here: (click here). Happy tetrising~

This is a screenshot of AISA’s (slightly outdated) tool:

Redecorating tool

To help you with this tool, here is a guide how to use it:

I have opened the tool, but how does it work?

In front of you, you see a grid and some squares next to it, representing all the buildings on your farm. The grid has the size of a fully expanded farm, but you can choose which blocks of the grid to show the smaller squares of. Expand the grid in the size and shape your farm has been expanded. Now you can start adding the blocks from the right to the grid. In the middle of the right half of the screen you see an empty square. If you click on one of the building squares, it will appear in there. Try clicking on Apples and see a copy of the square popping up in the square in the middle. Now you can pick it up and drag it onto the grid to fit it in the space you want it to be. If you try a cow shed, it will pop up in the middle square in a horizontal position. You want it vertically? Pick it up and drop it onto the rotation arrows. It will pop back to the middle square, but has now been rotated into a vertical position! If you have too many building squares and want to throw one away, simply pick it up and drop it onto the bin. It will disappear.

Where is the mute button?

The mute button is the button with 2 stripes (like a pause button) top left.

I have created my dream lay-out. Now how do I save it?

Unfortunately the tool does not allow saving. But we have a way around that! Take a screenshot of the lay-out and save it somewhere on your computer.

How do I take a screenshot?

Look for the Prt Sc button on your keyboard. Most computers require you to press Alt+Prt Sc simultaneously to take a screenshot. Some laptops have an Fn button as well and require you to press Fn+Prt Sc simultaneously. After you did that, you open Paint, Photoshop or any similar program. Open a new file in that program if it doesn’t do that defaultly and paste the screenshot in that file. You do that either by right clicking the empty sheet and selecting paste or by pressing ctrl+V simultaneously. Now the print (or photo) of your screen will be pasted there. You can cut the picture, draw on it or simply save it as it is in a .jpeg or other image format.

If you have drop box, making a screenshot with Ctrl+Prt Sc will move your print to your drop box instantly.

Anno Designer

For those that like a less outdated tool or like to have more options, here is a tool that needs a bit more work, but also offers more versatility. You can save designs and make the shape of the farm and the shape of the buildings yourself. (Click here for the alternative tool link) Some help for this tool: Click here for Gambit’s tutorial.

You can download pre-made layouts to put in the layout folder of your own program so you can always open them and work on your own layout from there. To access the folder, click here.

Want Big Farm presets? Download the presets.json file from the downloads folder mentioned above. Once you have downloaded it, you should replace the original preset.json file in the program’s folder by the one you downloaded and you are ready to go! Do note that the old preset.json file will be gone if you overwrite it and the new file does not include the old presets. You can add a number to it to make sure you can keep them both and can switch or maybe you can keep a duplicate program folder. I’m sure you’ll figure something out if you want to keep the old file.

Here is a screenshot with one of the pre-made layouts you can download from the folder mentioned above (click to enlarge):

Premade layout AD

Premade layout AD

Premade layout AD

Premade layout AD

Premade layout AD

I hope this will help you re-arrange your farm a bit faster and make it fun to play farm-tetris!



7 thoughts on “The redecorating tool

  1. hey Larino,

    Great explanation, but could you please help how to translate this thing, because I get some sort of beginners Chinese….
    Which program do I need to download before I can use this?

    [Translated by Larino – sorry, English only on this site unless posting under a Dutch post]

    • Sorry, what do you mean by downloading a program? You just go to the link open the tool and instant use it :)

    • You are right, the link still does not work. I thought it would have been solved by now. I put an alternative link up for you!

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