The architect

Who is the architect?Steve 2

Steve Screwdriver visits our farms about once a month to offer to upgrade our buildings to max level. The buildings do need to be highest level possible without the architect around. For a field, for example, that is level 6. Steve can then upgrade it to level 7 when he visits. He usually visits about 3 times during a full day, with periods of a couple of hours of absence. The best situation would be that you have enough money on the bank, a free build slot and the building you want to upgrade should stand idle, so you may squeeze in 2 upgrades, depending on how long such an upgrade will take. Houses and chicken coops tend to upgrade short enough to be able to ask for Steve’s help again after the upgrade is done. Houses can always be upgraded with Steve because they cannot be busy or idle – as long as they are level 4. Steve is sometimes referred to with Archie and he is currently only available for the Main and Gourmet farm. After a long wait the architect has finally also been introduced on the flower farm. All buildings can be upgraded one more level!

Steve’s visits are random, but we could make a prediction based on his past behaviour.

Want to plan immediately? Here is a sheet with all the prices of the maximum levels, the duration of building (N.B. for a max level farm house/cabin!), the workers needed and the XP you get for upgrading them. You cannot see these prices when Steve is not around, but we wrote them down for you, so you can plan ahead and make sure you have enough on your bank to make the best use of Steve’s visit. Architect upgrade prices (click for sheet). Steve 1 So when did he visit us in the past?

Want to know which dates the architect has visited so you can guess on the next date he may visit again? You came to the right place. Here are the dates in a new spreadsheet (click here)! 

architect_countdown png

Dates are in dd-mm-yyyy and the times are in timezone GMT (or UTC) +1. Do note that we are in daylight saving time during the summer and the times are in GMT (UTC) +2 during that period. I hope this information will help you guys!

To the right is an image of the new countdown clock introduced on 19-06-2014:

One more thing we noticed: – Steve always arrives when Monica from the Trading Floor is already there.

Kind regards,

The Larino Co-op


4 thoughts on “The architect

  1. Love your website. It has helped me tremendously and helped me to assist co op members. A comment on the architect. He is on my flower farm right now and the architect info says he does not appear on flower farm. Guess the got the “bug” fixed. Thanks again for your sight. LELKILROY

    • Oh, thanks for notifying me of the faulty info. They did not fix the bug, they introduced the architect on the flower farm at last!

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