Important information – multi-accounters and family setting players

Through this way I would like to inform you about the following matter:

I have come across many players that had multiple farms on the same server or played in a family setting causing them to play on the same IP address with multiple accounts on the same server.

If you are one of those players that have multiple farms on the same server: close the least important ones down! This is not allowed. You may have multiple farms, but only one per server. For more information about multiple farms, read up on this article: Can I have another farm? (click) If you do not understand what a server is or how you find yours, read this article: What is a server and how do I find mine? (click)

If you are one of those players that play in a family setting, all on the same server and on the same IP: let support know you are all different persons! They will probably ask for your account nicknames, e-mail addresses and first and last name to confirm the information.

Handling the issue like this will keep all your accounts from being banned and will save you a lot of trouble.

To close an account or let support know about your family, contact them through this link: Contact support (click)

Scroll down the page and click on e-mail support, fill out the form and click on send. You should get an automatic e-mail with the message you just typed in the online form and a ticket number. Now all you can do is wait for their reply.

Hoping to have given enough information about this issue,

The Larino co-op


2 thoughts on “Important information – multi-accounters and family setting players

  1. Help! I am having problems getting into the game and do not know where to turn. Is the server down? It has been four days and I am getting a message that the site is down. I am in America. Is this true or is it my computer????

    • That is probably your computer. What you need to do is make sure your browser and flash caches are cleared. After you did that, try to load the site again. If it does not work you may want to consider re-installing flash and trying a different browser to see where the problem is. If none of the browsers work, it may be flash, if other browsers do work, it may be your initial browser that is giving problems. If none of this works, use the link in the post you reacted to, to contact the game support. Do tell them about everything you tried to solve it so they will not tell you exactly the same as I did. If you are not sure how to clear caches, you can google for it or go to the technical problems forum of the game to find a post with an explanation.

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