In-game start-up tutorial

Missed the initial tutorial? Want to see it again? Could not remember all of it? Here it is again, in pictures:


4In the sow menu are 3 tabs. The first tab is for the normal seeds. Normal seeds are wild flowers, corn, cabbage and wheat. The second tab is for special seeds. Special seeds can be made in the nursery – a building you can build later. They have different production times than the usual seeds and consequently also have different amounts you get from each field. The third tab are event seeds. Event seeds can be won or bought on special events that run occasionally and can be found in some of the many cars that come and park next to your farm temporarily. To use humus on the field you just sowed, click the field again. The ring menu opens again and instead of the sow button, there is now a humus button.

567Tessa takes you to the processing category. That category is for all the processing buildings. But there are many more categories. Category one is the production category. You can find all production buildings there. Production buildings are fields, animal sheds and orchards. There is also a housing category. There you can find houses (which add free workers, but also bring your happiness down!) and barns (to have more storage space). The third category is decorations. These are important to balance your happiness with and resolve the negative feeling your workers get from too many houses. The last category is special buildings. These are mostly paid for with gold and help you produce faster and easier. The water tower is recommended, even on level one. Also the dog house is a welcome interactive decoration. And of course, you find the nursery there as well. (Note: the dog house and nursery cost dollars initially, but the last few upgrades cost gold.)

8910Here you can see the outlines of the building light up red. This means the building cannot be placed where you are planning to build it. In this picture that is pretty obvious, but sometimes you guessed you had enough space when your farm gets more crowded, but it does not fit there after all. Or maybe you have to move it just one more square to locate it exactly.

11When the outlines become green, the building will fit there and you can click to have it start building. Building times are pretty short in the beginning, but start becoming higher and higher along the way. You can reduce them a bit by upgrading your main farm house or cabin, but eventually upgrades may take a day or more.

121314You can see the ZzZ above the building are blue at the moment. That means you have enough raw materials to start the building. Recently red ZzZ icons have been added. Whenever a building carries those, it means you do not have enough materials to run the building.

1516This mill is level one and can therefore make a maximum batch of 20 chicken feed. Do note that a batch of 20 chicken feed counts as starting the mill twice (2 batches of 10). This may help when you will participate in missions or co-op projects later. To make the maximum amount of chicken feed, you click on the green round with a white arrow up and a stripe under the arrow. It maximises the amount the mill can make based on the amount of materials and its capacity. A level 2 mill can make 60 feed at once, level 3 makes 90, level 4 makes 120 and recently even level 5 and 6 have been added which make 160 and 200.

1718192021The farm management also allows you to buy premium feed and fertilizer. This gives extra XP so you will level up faster and is easy when you do not manage to make enough feed or fertilizer to keep your buildings running. It also does not cost any dollars to start your building (all buildings cost dollars to start, except for wild flowers on your fields. The higher your happiness, the lower your running costs, the less you have to pay to start the buildings. When the running costs are -100% and the metre in the green, you pay nothing, except for the seed costs on your fields. Reaching -100% is nearly impossible though, so strive for about -85% to start with.) It does cost gold to buy premium stuff, however, and if you are not a heavy gold user, it is not recommended to do it very often. Super feed and fertilizer can be bought from Benny Buddler when he visits you with his red van. These types also give more production on top of extra XP and no running costs.


Do note, these tasks are not obligatory. They are handy to know what next to do, but if you think doing something else first is better, do not let those tasks stop you. They will hang there for as long as you want them to and you can still complete them even 3 months later.


For some reason the green button here says ‘Textbutton’. It should say ‘I want it’. So for all other screens in the future, you will see ‘I want it’.

31As you can see, Tessa helped you get through level 1. You are on your own now. Feed your animals, work your fields, build some buildings and don’t forget to have fun ;) Don’t let the tasks drive you crazy.

For more tips and tricks on how to continue, check this page: Tips and tricks for beginners (click)

Good luck!


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