How to send a gift to my friends? (Naughty or Nice event)

One of the questions that is very frequent is the question about sending gifts (dollars, gold, produce) to friends in the game. The thing is, you cannot. It is not possible to send anything to anybody, no gold, no dollars, no produce, no collectibles, no nothing. However, there is an event especially created for this and I would like to introduce you to it so you know a way to treat (or prank) your best game friends (or enemies of course). Alright, let’s go.

The naughty and nice event does not run very often. However, if it runs, you will see this graphic in the top left corner outside your farm:

Naughty or nice twins event

These twins will sell gifts and pranks for you to give to your friends or enemies. There are two ways to buy these gifts. 1) with gold and 2) with karma points. About those karma points, you get them when you harvest a building that has been gifted or pranked by somebody else. That means it may not be easy to get karma points and for the first few gifts, you will probably have to use gold to buy the gifts. Which gifts can you buy? Well these:

NN 1NN 2

As you can see, the first page holds only gold gifts and the second allows you to buy gifts for karma points. Seen from the orange/brown shopping cart, I have enough karma points to buy a small lucky charm. I do not have enough to buy a large lucky charm though. I also have enough for a small hoodoo, but not for a large hoodoo. Now what will these gifts and pranks do? I will give an example from the first page. The ‘water trees’ gift can only be used on the orchards of your friend and will boost the production with 25%. You can see this in the details under the picture of the watering can – harvest basket: +25% and karma point: 1. This means your friend will get 25% more apples/cherries/etc and 1 karma point when they harvest the gifted orchard. On the other side, you can ‘cover the trees with greenfly’. This means your friend or enemy will have to recover their trees before they can harvest them. This will not give a money penalty, but only a time penalty. That means that they will not have to pay to recover their trees, but they simply have to wait longer to harvest them, which can be pretty annoying (especially when in a mission). You can again see the time indication under the picture of the prank.

For now this is the only way to send gifts (or pranks) to another player and you can only buy the gifts/pranks when the event is running. Once you bought them, you can use them even if the event is not running.

Happy gifting! (or pranking)


9 thoughts on “How to send a gift to my friends? (Naughty or Nice event)

    • You just need to click the button and the timer will start ticking. All a prank gives is a time penalty. It takes some time before you can harvest.

  1. I have bought lucky charms but I don’t see mechanism for sending to a friend. How do I do this? Thank you.

  2. what level do you have to be to receive charms from other players? when i try to put charms on my friends farm it says his level is still too low, but doesn’t state the level requirement?

    • It could be 10 or 25 or something like that. 10 would seem more logical. Haven’t been playing in a long while so I do not remember correctly. If anybody has a definite answer, please reply :) – you could also ask this on the forums, since there will be more veterans and admins around who can give a definite answer.

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