How to level up the co-op and how many CP do I need?

I have received some questions about levelling up because certain researches need a certain cooperative level and also about how to see how many CP you need to level up. I will start with what CP are and where you can find them. CP are Cooperative Points and they are similar to the XP you gain on your farm. The CP are solely for the co-op. To see the level of your co-op and the CP it has gained, you open the co-op menu. You will see an orange star in the top left corner of the menu. That is the indication for the CP. CP were called SP (or Solidarity Points) in the past. In a picture:

co-op SP

In the red circle you can see the level of this co-op. It is level 8. This means that certain researches have already been unlocked. In the blue circle you can see how many CP is necessary to level up. It says ’24 solidarity points to the next level’ (read: cooperative points). In the yellow circle you can see that the co-op has to be level 19 to unlock this research. That is quite a while to go! And in the left half of the picture you see more researches with a lock on them. Neither of them is available yet for this co-op. So we need to level up! But how?

Levelling up is done by successfully completing projects. You can find the projects here:

project SP

As you can see, all projects have been filled up with collectibles (green check mark) and are ready to start. Because this screenshot is made from a leader view, the start button is green, so I could start the corn project if I wanted. Members will always see a greyed out start button, because they are not authorized to start the project. On the left you see that the box for the milk project holds 24 solidarity points (read: cooperative points). That is just enough to level up! With that knowledge I would consider the milk project and check in the co-op if everybody is ready to go for it and estimate if we could make 21,000 milk in about 2 days. Projects are all about collecting goods, so building up a stock is not possible. We could start the project with cows ready to harvest to have a head-start though. When this project successfully completes, we will get the cooperative points and our co-op will level up, unlocking more researches. If the milk project is not an option, we could go for the corn project, which will give us 5 CP. We will need to do this project 5 times to get enough CP to level up. However, the project will also level up in the meantime, making it harder to complete. The best project to do will depend from the situation in your co-op and will be up to you!

More information about projects and collectibles? Check this page (click)



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