What are my tasks in a co-op?

In a co-op are several types of tasks. This depends on your status. Your status can be:





Now what are your tasks/abilities if you have one of these indications? Well, these:

Tasks of a member: participate in projects by making products, donating collectible items to the projects, signing up as a researcher and donating to the co-op accounts.

Tasks of a deputy: All of the above, plus: starting the projects and researches, editing the news section, accepting members into the cooperative.

Tasks of a leader: All of the above, plus: Removing members from the cooperative, changing the name for 2000 gold, editing the description of the cooperative and promoting members.

N.B. The founder does not have special abilities. His abilities are determined by his second status symbol. In this post’s example picture the founder is also the leader. This means he will have the leading tasks and abilities. If the second symbol is yellow, he will have the deputy’s tasks and abilities and if he has no other indication, he will have the member tasks and abilities. This also means, if the founder gave away the lead or if the lead has been passed on because he was inactive for more than 30 days, he cannot get this back unless the current leader gives the lead back to him. Therefore, if you want to give the lead away but not resign in your abilities, think twice. The new leader could kick you out of the co-op.



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