How to add more than 5 members?!

You are a new Big Farm player and have just decided to start your own co-op. Or maybe you are already playing for a while, but never wanted to join a co-op, so you decide to start your own anyway. You do the first project, get used to the co-op interface a bit, check some other co-ops and come to the conclusion that there are co-ops with the same level as you, but they have more than 5 members! How is that possible???

Some people think the amount of members has something to do with the level of the co-op. Wrong. Some people think it has to do with how many times you did a project. Wrong again. The amount of people in your co-op is solely based on how many times you did research! And no, not just any research, namely the recruitments research. To read more about the different researches, read this page (click).

The recruitments research is all about expanding your co-op, or having more than 5 members. Every time you do this research, you can add 2 more members to your co-op.

Where do you find this research? Well, here (click to enlarge):

How to increase members in co-op

This co-op has already researched up to level 10 of recruitments, therefore you see recruitments (level 10) in the picture. In your co-op that will be level 1 of course. Do take note of the drop down menu. You can see 5 research categories, the one you need for this research is the category of Cooperative.

N.B. in the future, the recruitment researches will cost gold. Look at the picture again. There are 3 symbols with value and a start button on the bottom right of it. The first is a clock. This clock tells you (approximately) how many days it will take for this research to complete. Do you want to know the exact time in hours? Hover your mouse over the clock and it will tell you. The second is a dollar pack with a person. This is the registration fee, calculated for you personally. All your members will see a different amount there – based on their level. The third is pictured as gold coins and the research orange flask  this picture. That is the indication for the starting fee. If the starting fee is in dollars, you will see a dollar pack combined with the orange flask. The indication of the gold coins means this amount is a gold amount. You pay both types of starting fee from the cooperative accounts on the handshake tab. This research will start costing gold from level 6 (more than 15 members).

To see a spreadsheet with all the research starting fees, click here.

To find out more about research and how to get the research going, click here.

Good luck!



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