All about the cooperative tree

One of the tasks that pop up when you join a co-op is a task about the cooperative tree. But what does it do? I will explain all about the tree in this post.

First of all, the tree can be found outside your farm on the top right side. It is located at the most Northern tip of your farm plot. The tree has 5 levels. The level only changes with the level of your co-op and has therefore nothing to do with the amount of people in your co-op or how many times you water it. In this picture you can see the levels and which level of the co-op they are associated with:

Tree levels

Now what can you do with this tree? First you will need to water it. If the tree is ready to be watered, it will look like this:

Watering tree 3

After watering, the tree will carry the indication 1/x amounts of times you still need to water it to get a reward. Now you can go ahead and water all the trees of your fellow cooperative members. You can do this in two ways. One way is to go to the co-op member list or chat list and click on one of the members. Then you click on the green arrow to visit their farm. Once you are on their farm you will see the tree carries the same orange watering can as shown on the picture above. This means you can water it. If it does not carry this sign, but says it will have to be collected first, this means you either have watered it already that day or the tree is ready to collect and the person will have to come online to collect their tree first! I would also like to show you another way to go water the trees. This is only possible if somebody else watered your tree already though, so sometimes you will have to go through the co-op. The picture below is the menu of the tree. It opens when you click on the blue i icon in the tree’s ring menu. The first tab shows you all the stages of the tree, but the second tab (red circle) shows who has watered your tree already today. In this list you can click on one of the players’ names and you will immediately visit their farm to click their tree. On a sidenote, in this picture you can also see that this tree has been watered once after collecting, it indicates 1/13. This means it will have to be watered 12 more times for it to give a reward.

Watering tree 4

Once you have clicked the tree of your fellow member, you will receive 200 dollars as indicated below.

Tree watering 2

Now you can continue to water all the other members’ trees. You have probably already noticed the new menu that popped up when you visited the first member’s farm. This menu will help you water all the trees. You can again click on a name to directly visit their farm and water their tree. But now you will also notice the different icons next to all the names. There are three different icons and they look like this:

Watering tree 1

The orange watering can indicates this tree can still be watered. You can click the player’s name to go there to water. The green check mark indicates the tree on that player’s farm has already been watered by you today. The grey watering can indicates the player’s tree is ready to collect and waiting for that player to do so. In the last 2 categories you cannot water those trees. You can only water each fellow member’s tree once per day. Your own tree can be watered every 8 hours, you will see the timer above it when you hover over your own tree.

When your tree is ready to collect, it will look like this:

Watering tree 5

On clicking your tree, you will get 3 groups of rewards. I say groups, because of each item you see, you have the chance of getting several pieces. The tree will usually give collectibles, but may also give dollars and XP. A possible reward from the tree can be 1 lunchbox, 5 tickets and 10.000 dollars. You will always get 3 items.

Extra info: Help! My tree indicates it can be watered again, the orange watering can is above it, but when I click it it gives an error that it cannot charge! What should I do? In this case you can log out and log back in to your game and the orange watering can will probably be gone. Now you see the timer ticking down again (with a bit of time to go, but not 8 hours). This probably happens when the timer is not done completely yet, but the watering can shows anyway. Logging out and back in is not a permanent fix, but it is an easy quick fix for the error.

I hope this was enough information to explain what this tree is all about.



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