Doubling your gold in the mine

Recently a new feature has been added to the game. This feature is a new building outside your farm. This so-called mine will be able to double your dollars, but even more interesting, your gold. How does this work?

Every time you start the mine, it uses up 2000 dollars or gold, depending on the mining licence you use. These dollars/gold are used from your personal account. The mine will transfer this combination into precious stones or gold nuggets. Do note, you will not actually receive these precious stones or gold nuggets, but you will receive the money they sell for. This means, when you harvest the mine, you will get 4000 dollars/gold. Without upgrading the mine with gold it takes 48 hours to run it.

How can I get a regular mining licence (for dollars)?

A regular mining licence randomly drops from your mill. Keep working your farm and you will see it appear.

mining licence from the mill

How can I get a gold mining licence?

For now, the gold mining licence can be bought in several ways. The first is when you buy gold during a hot deal that offers licences, the second is when you buy a mystery box. This option is thought to have such a small chance to actually get a mining licence, that we doubt it is worth a try. The third way is to be very lucky in the jackpot spin (8 tokens needed to get into that) when Monty Goldwin is on your farm with his Wheel of Fortune. The fourth way is to do well in the horse competitions and reach platinum or diamond league. Platinum will give you one licence and diamond will give you two. The fifth is to reach a certain amount of vouchers on the temporary Candy Farm. The sixth way is to reach the final reward in the No Pain, No Gain event, although this is deemed almost impossible. The last way is to buy one from Omar. Omar offers licences for 1500 gold, that means, if you use 2000 gold to start the mine, that you will have a profit of 500 gold after it is done. There are also two tasks that give a mining licence, namely the task to upgrade your mine and the task to get a quality 2 horse.

About the hot deal.

When a hot deal pops up, you can click a golden sparkly box under your player name:

Prime day box

This will open a menu with a grid of rewards (click to enlarge):

Hot deal mining licences

To get these rewards, you need to buy the amount of gold stated under it. Not every hot deal offers gold mining licences, so make sure you have the right hot deal in front of you by checking the reward you will get when you complete it (26 gold mining licences). Usually you will need to buy 50,000 gold to get the rewards. Once you made sure you will get the correct reward and you have bought your gold, you will get 26 gold mining licences.

Now how do you double your gold amount?

If you divide your 50,000 gold by 2000 (the amount the mine needs to run with one mining license) you get 25, almost the exact number of mining licences you received. So you can run your mine 26 times, each time using 2000 gold to make 4000 gold. If you persevere and use up all your 26 mining licences over 52 days (assuming you don’t upgrade your mine with gold it will take 48 hours, which is 2 days, per mining license), you will eventually have more than doubled your gold from 50,000 to 102,000. Apart from the new +100% and +200% exclusive deals that are out there now, this is the only way to more than double the gold you buy.

Still, the most regular offer on prime day which gives a flat out bonus, is +50%. So if you want to buy gold, there are basically four good options when to do so:

  • Buying it when there is a +50% prime day, this is a common offer so you don’t have to wait that long.
  • Buying it when there is a +100% prime day, this is very exclusive and waiting for it to show up might take a long time.
  • Buying it when there is a gold mining licenses prime day, this is more common but since it takes 52 days for your gold to double up you will have to be patient and you won’t get your 102,000 gold for a while.
  • Lately there is even a fourth way that will more than double your gold. There has been an offer to buy gold for a 200% bonus. This offer is quite rare, but it may just happen to you some day!

But whatever choice you make, make one of these 4 when you buy gold, because they are by far the best deals out there.

Good luck!

The Larino cooperative


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