Tips and tricks for beginners

Dear beginning farmers,

First of all, welcome to Big Farm, I hope you are enjoying it! Are you really up for a challenge and willing to set up a nice strategy for a long time of farming fun? Then this may help you advance. In this post I will write some advice and recommendations for lower levels to make more profit and hopefully solve a much asked question like “how can I get more money?” Want to know all about it? Continue reading…

First of all I would like to discuss a burning question many beginning farmers have: how can I get more gold???
Well guys, gold is not something that will rain down on your farm. You may be getting quite some gold in the beginning, but the higher level you are, the less you will get. You get free gold from:

  • Completing certain quests (find a cooperative, start a mission, earn 50 RP, add a collectible object to a collection)
  • Levelling up
  • Logging in every day (every 4th out of 5 days and sometimes also the 5th day)
  • Being successful in a forum or facebook contest (example: Tessa on Holiday – send in a Holiday picture with Tessa)

You can also get gold by buying it, so do you have some spare money of which you do not know how to spend it? Throw it at GGS and get gold in return. It would be nice to do so during a “prime time”, where you get more gold for your money. A different “prime time” will pop up once in a while, so wait for one that offers more gold. 50%, 100%, 150% and 200% may pop up on you farm; the better the offer, the less frequently you will see it. Other offers that give you a decoration and some extra gold are recently around as well and there are a lot of beginners packs available. I would recommend to check out the offers first before you actually buy gold with one of them – the offers will keep coming back until you use them or are too high level for some of them and then they may be gone forever. The 50% offer looks like this:

prime time 50%

The 100% offer looks like this:

100% prime time

You could double the gold you buy, when you buy it during a prime day that offers mining licences. What this is all about and how it works can be read in this post (click).

Secondly, how can I get more dollars??? Dollars are best earned on your own farm. Using deals from Monica can be tempting and give instant dollars, but you will also lose much gold and the deals are quite bad. But then how to earn more dollars on the farm? Here are some tips:

  • The first thing I really need to mention is decorations. Decorations are THE most important thing on your farm. You want the happiness metre to be in the green as far as possible. -xxx% running costs is the best that can happen to you. The less running costs, the less you pay to start your buildings, the more profit you make. -100% running costs will give you almost pure profit, but N.B. since the new happiness update this is nearly impossible to reach. Right now between -80% and -90% is as good as it gets, so that is more than sufficient. For the more visual people, this is what the ideal beginners situation looks like:

Deco ideal situation

  • Now you know about these decorations and what they do, you need to find the best ones. Always try to build decos when events are running, as those decos are far out the best. If you can win a final decoration in an event, be extremely happy with it, because that is the best deco you can have.  However, you cannot always buy or earn those decos, so how can we get good decos in the game? Well you can buy them from the usual deco store, but not all of them are unlocked yet. Therefore it may be a good idea to make use of the hidden decorations in the plots of land around the farm. Wait, hidden decorations? Where? Yes, these are the ones I am talking about. The numbers represent the order of importance of the deco (click to enlarge):

New deco grid after update

The numbers in the picture represent the order of importance of the decorations. As you can see the Lake on number 1 is THE best decoration to buy with a plot of land. It normally unlocks at level 47 and is the best deco you can always buy once you have unlocked them all. After the lake, the panda bear (officially named cozy picnic) is the best deco to buy. I would definitely recommend you to buy these two plots as soon as you can, the others are nice to have (again in the order shown on the picture), but that is up to you. If you want to see the hidden decorations in your future farms (gourmet and flower), click here. (new link added)

  • Having some problems fitting the decorations in the right spot to fit everything in your farm as tightly as possible? Check out this awesome tool: Redecorating Tool (click). Fitting everything in as tightly as possible is important, because you may be able to fit in just that one more decoration. The tool will help you create the tightest possible lay-out for your farm so you can squeeze in as much as possible in the limited space you have.
  • After this decoration advice, I would like to point out some more tips and tricks to get more dollars. The best money makers on your farm will be apples. Once you get the task to build a cherry orchard, you can better build it and immediately demolish it again without running it. Why do I say this? After you have finished the left hand bar task, you get 30 fertilizer and some XP. This will help you run your apples more often and level up sooner. You are not likely to be able to keep your cherry orchard running at a low level, since it uses 30 fertilizer, so building another apple orchard is a better idea. Both apple orchards will only use 20 fertilizer and you will have your hands full with that. If possible, build another chicken coop or pigsty to keep your dung stock high and be able to run enough fertilizer to supply your apple orchards with.
  • One point of advice we always give to beginners regarding gold is: invest it in a water tower. More information about the water tower can be found here: (click) A water tower is THE best and first thing to spend your hard earned gold on and it will help you greatly, even if it is on level 1!
  • When the gourmet and flower farm are offered to you, I know it is really tempting to immediately buy them and start developing them. First of all, when they are offered, you can buy them for gold only. I would advice you: do not do that. Wait for 5 levels and then you can buy it with dollars. When you want to develop these farms, you will need a good basis on your main farm to be able to do so. The gourmet and flower farm use products from your main farm to produce further, so you will need to have enough on your main farm to be able to supply these two new farms. What you can do is use the flower shop as it is and only build some animals on the gourmet farm to make some more profits while you get your main farm ready to carry the rest. Also try to get the happiness high again, to pay less running costs; each farm has its own happiness level.

Good luck!

The Larino cooperative.


12 thoughts on “Tips and tricks for beginners

  1. What do I do …. I have lost my password. I have written plenty of time in different places … I simply can not make contact. I miss my Big farm. Help me ….

    • To restore your password, you click on forgot password in the log-in screen. You will get an e-mail with your password sent to the e-mail address you registered for Big Farm. This site is English only, therefore I translated your comment.

    • The new map is currently being put together on the forums. It will be added to the post soon. In the meantime I will take the current map off – thanks for notifying us!

    • By being really really patient. Levelling up goes slow and you need to gain XP to do so. The best way to gain XP is to complete your tasks and run your farm well. This is no game to finish fast, you need a long term planning to get where you want to get. And with long term planning I mean years. Unless you can buy your way to the top ;)

    • Thanks for reporting that! It is very well possible GGS has changed it again for the newcomers :D However, I am not entirely sure what you mean by spring :S Is it a Hot Springs decoration? Since that one has 72 happiness.

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