We love our members

A small update from the Larino-front.

We have found a new member to replace Juniper2. Although he can hardly be replaced (top 10 “experience this week” was common) we found a suitable person who we have great confidence in. Proving his worth we did some projects in very fast times, so we think we can move forward from this. Also we are experiencing some trouble with activity from some members, we are afraid we have to let one go tomorrow since that person was on a red dot for quite some time now.

But the main news is that Pegy2 is stepping up and keeping his fellow members out of the wind by offering to donate all the money to start researches. This way the lower level members can use all that money to build on their farms, which will help them out a lot.

We want to thank Pegy2 very much for this crazy, yet wonderful offer.


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