It was about time I wrote another journal.

First of all: welcome to all our new members and congratulations to Calious for joining the management team!

This journal will be about the website. Why? Well, we have thousands of views from all over the world! And to be honest, I am pretty proud that two Dutch friends managed to achieve that! Let me list it for you.

At this moment we have views from: United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Greece, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Israel, Philippines, Finland, Portugal, Ireland, Serbia, Iraq, South Africa, Pakistan, France, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Brazil, Egypt, Spain, Norway, Malta, Japan, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Bangladesh, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Thailand, Singapore, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Czech Republic, Republic of Korea, Lebanon, FYR Macedonia, Hungary, Uruguay, Cyprus, Nicaragua, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Libya, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Colombia and Algeria!

In other words, or rather pictures, this is what it looks like.

Map views

The darker the colour, the more views we got from that country!

I would say, this proves how international we are and how English is a language that can unite the world! Keep going, people, together we can make it happen ^^



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