Training co-op on UK1 and US1

Welcome to the co-op. You will get a maximum of 5 days of training before you are ready to go out and show the world of co-ops what you have to offer!

–*– : These lines indicate there is a left hand bar task or quest that can be completed.

–*– Join a co-op

First of all we start with the co-op menu.

The first tab shows the handshake symbol. Here you can read the co-op description, the news section of the co-op and donate money. The news may contain important information for you as a member to know, so make sure you check back regularly to see if it has changed. Donating money will help the co-op to start researches! To learn more on how to donate money to the co-op, read this page (click).

  • Now let’s donate $1 to the co-op to practice!

The second tab shows the person symbol. This is the member list. Here you can see your fellow members and view their details. The numbers behind their names indicate their level and how many dollars or gold they have donated to the co-op. When clicking a member’s name you will see an envelope with a pen, by clicking this you can send them a message. You can also visit a member’s farm.

  • Why don’t you try that out now? Click on one of the members and click on the green arrow in the menu to visit their farm! 

The third tab shows a green speech balloon. Here you will find the chat. Next to the chat is again the list with members, this time with only little dots next to it. A green dot means the member is online, a white one means the member was online in the past 12 hours, a yellow dot means the member was online in the past 2 days and a red dot means the member has been offline for 2 days or longer. When working on your farm, you will see a bar above your farm menu that you can pull up. There you can find a tiny chat screen. Want it bigger? Push the square button to the right side of that bar and it will open the co-op menu on the chat tab. When somebody has typed something in the chat, the chat balloon on the left side of the bar will light up, so you know they might be talking to you!

  • Why don’t you try to type a message in the chat? You may get an answer from one of your fellow members!

The fourth tab shows a shovel and a rake. This tab is all about projects. You can see the available projects and when you click a project you will see the details on the right. On this details page you can click a small button next to the progress bar, that brings you to the collectible donation screen. Here you can donate collectibles to the project. Once the project has been filled up, all menus are green or have a green V and it can be started by the co-op leader or a deputy. When a project has started you will see a clear message and a notification in the chat. Mostly you will also get a private message from the leader or deputy to ask for help with the project. Go to the project to see the details and which products need to be made. If you are not sure, you can always ask in chat or send a message. Do you have the required amount of collectibles and want to donate? Send me a message so I can take mine out temporarily! To learn more on donating collectibles, check this page (click).

When a project has started you will see a counter on the projects page for that particular project. There you can see how much time is left and how many products need to be made. These products will be counted directly on harvesting, so no need to donate them or keep them in storage. On the right side of your farm menu is a little menu for missions. On that menu is now also a tab for projects. That tab will be selected automatically and shows the timer together with the number of products the co-op has already gathered against the total number needed. If you see the timer running there, it means you can help with a project by focusing on producing the product that is needed.

  • Go try it out now, donate some collectibles to a project. Ask me to take mine out temporarily. Did it work? Usually you would leave the collectibles right where they are and when the project has been completed the leader or a deputy can start it. 
  • For the purpose of the training co-op, please take ALL of them back so other members can practice as well!

–*– Add a collectible object to a collection

The fifth tab shows an orange flask. This is the research tab. On the left you can pick several researches and when you click on one you will see the details at the right. There is also a drop down menu in the left half. If you click on the research and look at the details, you can see a small button next to the progress bar. If you click on this button you will see the researcher menu. Here you can sign up for the research with dollars or gold. If you do not have enough dollars, it will tell you you need to be level 25 or had bought gold before! Do not listen to this message, it is only there because you need to be at least level 25 to pay for a gold researcher. First check if you have enough dollars to sign up and then the button will become available for you! Do note that gold cannot be taken back, dollars can. Want to learn more about how to become a researcher? Check this page (click).

  • Let’s try to become a researcher. Save up some money and go to the main farm tab (by using the drop down menu)  to sign up to the ‘Healthier Pigs (level 2)’ research. Did it work? Usually you would leave your money right where it is and when the research has been filled up the leader or deputy can start it. For the purpose of the training co-op, please take your dollars back so other members can also practice!

So far for the tutorial. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to ask. Curious what it is like when a research or project is actually started? Stick around for a bit longer, the leader might send out a message to show you how it works. Do note that the money you invest in the research will not be given back to you and the collectibles you used for the project will also not be given back. Do you think you had enough training? Then go to the main tab and leave the co-op. (Door with the red/orange arrow) Good luck in your search for a fun co-op and use these experiences to show them what you can do now! Do mention your experience and activity in the message you send to this new co-op and make sure you stand out!

–*– Cooperative tree (more information here (click)

Interested in more information about the cooperative or general information about farming? Do not hesitate to have a chat with us or send us a message! We are very willing to answer all your questions and give you as much information as you want. Also consider reading this page to get some advice and tips for beginners: (click)

Best wishes,


Co-op leader


3 thoughts on “Training co-op on UK1 and US1

  1. I have a question, Larino! I know you will help me because you were very nice before too.
    The members of my co-op have already donated some dollars and gold. But we didnt see these donations in the researches panel. Everybody says that the donations are for reasearches, but for starting a reasearch we have to pay the same costs. Where do this money go? How can we use them?

    • There are two sorts of ‘donations’ you need to do in order to start a research. First of all you all need to become a researcher. This can be done by going to the research tab (orange flask) and clicking on the details of the research you want to do and then to click on “participate for xxx dollars from your personal account” (green button with flask and pen). This amount is level dependent and will differ for each of your members. You can also hire an extra researcher with your own gold, but only if you are above level 25 or have bought gold before (blue button with blue person and gold).
      Then secondly, you also need to pay a starting fee. You can see the amount needed right next to the start button on the research tab. However, to see if you have enough money to start it, you need to go back to the main co-op tab (shaking hands). There you can see 2 amounts with a donate button next to it. A dollar amount and a gold amount. Those amounts are the sum of everything everybody has donated through that page and the starting fee will be subtracted from that total. The amount on that page will not be the sum of all the amounts you can see on the members page (blue person) as that page counts both the fee for research participation and personal donations through the handshake tab.

      I hope this made it any clearer :)

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