How to donate to the co-op accounts

There are a few different types and manners to donate, in this post we will try and explain them.

FarmDollar Donations

This is the most basic form of donating.
The FDs you donate go into the cooperative-account and are used to start researches. At first the amount needed to start research isn’t that much, but after you have done a few this will run up into the millions, hence the need for a lot of FD donations from the co-op members.

As you can see at the red arrow and circle, the button is fairly obvious in the main co-op screen, also known as the handshake tab.

FD&G donaties

Clicking that button opens a small window where you can adjust the amount you want to donate. You can click the – or the + buttons to go down or up 1 dollar, you can type your desired amount by selecting the 500 that’s already there or you can click the “max amount” button to donate everything you have. Keep in mind that you need money to replant stuff on your farm so know what you are doing.
When you are satisfied with the amount you can click the button with the red arrow pointing at it and the donation is final, meaning you can’t get it back from the co-op account.

Donation Amount
Note that we have done a research which gives us +10% on our donated amount. This helps a lot when you need those millions to start the next research.

Gold Donations

Some research is going to cost gold to start, that is what this is used for.
These work similar to the FD Donations. You click the button in the handshake tab marked by the blue arrow on the first picture. This opens a new window that works the same as the FD donating window. A – and a +, you can type your desired amount and a max amount button, clicking the donate button finalizes the donating. And remember, you can’t get it back from the co-op account, ever.

Be wary when you need to donate gold when entering a co-op. We’ve heard rumours saying  some co-ops require you to donate gold as an entry fee and a few days later they have a lame excuse to kick you, repeating this cycle every time to “farm” players of their gold.

I hope this was informative, next up: What are collectibles? How do we come by them and what is their use?

The Larino cooperative


2 thoughts on “How to donate to the co-op accounts

  1. Is there a benefit from donating at the research page that shows question marks for open slots? I mean, if I donate dollars or gold, do I get something when the coop project ends? If I don’t donate, do I still get something. Right now, we have a coop project (milk) going, so whenever I harvest milk, the total goes up. But I have not donated dollars or gold as a researcher. Will I still get something?

    • Researches and projects are two totally different things. Your co-op management will decide which research will be ran. You can only donate one dollar researcher at a time to the research they chose. Once the research has finished you can add another dollar researcher to the next research they want to run. If you want to add a second, third, etc researcher, you can use gold. Do make sure you want that, though, since you cannot take back the gold and switch to a different research. For projects you only need to harvest as much as the required product as possible. Once the project has completed, the co-op will get points and eventually level up. The higher the co-op’s level, the more researches you can do. The researches will give you indirect benefits, such as more money when selling certain products.

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