17-4-2013 – URGENT

Since I found a really kind player on the Big Farm game that wants the original game back and only asks for a like on a Facebook page, I decided to help her out and give some publicity to this question. This is her original in-game message:

Vidya Balan: “Hello, Like this page on facebook “Good Game Farmer – original ggf”. We can use it to unite the old ggf players and to make an effort to get the old game back. Please do it and unite for a cause. We need a platform,, AND IF U R IN ANY CO-OPERATIVE KINDLY INFORM OTHER MEMBERS AND PLAYERS ABOUT IT AS WELL, Thanks a lot in advance. In case of any query reply this txt. This message deserves some attention. Your help is needed. I can not do it all single-hadedly. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD, SPREAD THIS MESSAGE.”

Direct link to the Facebook page:

I am hoping to get some extra votes for her. Even if you do not want the game back, it won’t hurt liking the page and having Goodgame Studios relaunch the game next to this one. So please, if you have Facebook and do not oppose letting the world know you like the game, just do it!



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